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The city of Moscow, the Kremlin. The meeting room of the All-Union meeting of leaders of party organizations, propagandists, agitators, journalists, scientists, literature, art in the Grand Kremlin Palace on ideological work. Speakers: N. S. Khrushchev, L. F. Ilyichev. Commissioning of the first two units of the Votkinskaya HPP on the Kama River. Turbine, control panel, instruments, dam. Installation of other HPP units. Turbine assembly. Construction of a blast furnace at the Novotulsky Metallurgical Plant. Builders are working who have arrived from different cities of the Soviet Union. A meeting of residents of the village of Polkovnikovo, Altai Territory, on the occasion of the meeting of their fellow villager, Hero of the Soviet Union, USSR pilot-cosmonaut G.S. Titov. Present: parents of G. S. Titov - Alexandra Mikhailovna and Stepan Pavlovich Titov, wife Tamara. G.S. Titov speaking. Timber loading on the ship "Severomorsk" in the Arkhangelsk port for delivery to Western Europe. The ship goes to sea. Captain A. A. Bromberg looks through binoculars. Sailors decorate a Christmas tree to celebrate the New Year on the ship. Tallinn city. Santa Claus enters the apartment, hands over gifts to the children, gets into the car on the street. The city of Norilsk. New Year's Eve sale of artificial trees, Christmas tree decorations in one of the city's shops. Moscow city. People with Christmas trees are walking down the street; sale of Christmas tree toys from the tray. Children's New Year's party. Composer S. S. Tulikov at the piano working on a New Year's song to the words of the poet S. Ostrovsky. New Year's ball. Couples are dancing.
I. Setkin
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new year
, science
, communist parties
, energy
, metallurgy
, holidays
, sea transport
, trade
, cosmonautics
, music
, art
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