News of the Day No 53

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Meeting at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada L. Pearson. L. Pearson greets VM Molotov at the meeting. Arrival of Indian specialists to the Baku oil field "Oil Rocks", acquaintance with the methods of oil production under the seabed. Start-up of the first unit of the Narva hydroelectric power station. Type of electric transformer, control panel. Maize harvesting with a combine harvester in the fields of the Lithuanian state farm "Aknista". Break-in of the Pobeda car manufactured by the Gorky Automobile Plant named after Molotov. View of the plant workshop, finished machines. Moscow city. Inauguration of the film festival of the Polish People's Republic at the House of Cinema. Speakers: S. A. Gerasimov, A. Waid and others. The ceremonial meeting at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the State Labor Reserves. Students of the Moscow vocational school of metalworkers at work on grinding machines. A rally on the square in Vienna on the occasion of seeing off Soviet troops leaving Austria. Soldiers of the Soviet army are on the streets of the city, get into the train cars. A train with military equipment is going by.
Z. Tuzova
Film ID
scientific connections
, energy
, secondary vocational education
, state agricultural enterprises
, cultural connections
, oil industry
, political connections
, armed forces
, automotive industry
, ground troops
, cinema
Number of Parts
P. Kasatkin, V. Kiselev, M. Oshurkov, K. Piskarev, V. Khodyakov, A. Schekutyev, V. Gulin, V. Shtatland
Other Creators
editor V. Simonenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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