Nizhny Novgorod Industry

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Nizhny Novgorod. Buildings of the Provincial Finance Department and the Provincial Council of National Economy (NGSNKh). Cabbies on the streets of the city. Nizhny Novgorod fair. Buildings of the Nizhny Novgorod Brewery. Buildings and production halls of the Krasnaya Etna plant. Workers in the rolling, drawing and wire-chain shops at their workplaces. Finished products of the Krasnaya Etna plant - screws, springs, nails, hinges, rings. The workers are having lunch in the dining room. Shoppers at the Kanavino bazaar. Bucket production at the Krasny Zinkovalnik plant, a foreman with his students in the workshop of the factory factory. Streets of Pavlovo. Production of metal tools at the factory. Comrade Marasova: workers in the blacksmith shop; processing of products in grinding and nickel-plating shops. Handicraft workers show their products at the bazaar. Production of felt boots at the 1st factory of Valtrest: female workers dismantle wool, a worker works on a wool-combing machine, rolling workers roll wool rollers with their feet; finishing felt boots. Power plant in the village. Sofronovo. Buildings and workshops of the Molitovskaya flax-spinning factory "Red October". The building and workshops of the Schweiprom manufactory. Customers at the Shveiprom store. The building and workshops of "Nizhpoligraf". Chromium production at the factory. Rykov. Production of soap, salolin and glycerin at the plant "Nizhzhirtrest" them. October revolution. Chairman of the Presidium of the NGSNKh MM Kaganovich speaks at a rally on the occasion of the opening of soap factory №2. Movement of ships on the Volga. Demonstration of workers in Kanavino on November 7, 1925
V. S. Yunakovsky
Film ID
specialized trade
, industry
, private trade
, demonstrations
, river transport
, cooperative trade
, public holidays
, handicraft industry
, professional education
, state figures
, cities
, administrative buildings
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S.G. Gevorkyan
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There is no data
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No Sound

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