Norilsk for Children

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Streets of Norilsk in winter. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Passers-by, wrapping themselves around, run across the road. Pirozhkova building. Women in the ward of the maternity hospital. Newborn babies in cribs. The nurse transports the newborns in the corridor. A man meets his wife and child at the maternity hospital. Parents bring their children to kindergarten. Children play, have lunch, do exercises, swim in the pool in kindergarten. Ultraviolet lamps in the gym. Schoolchildren are standing near the school building. Lighted school windows. Pupils in the classroom at the lesson. Examination of pupils' eyesight. Pupils at the reception at the dental office. A group of children performs exercises in medical gymnastics under the supervision of a doctor. The territory of the pioneer camp "Taezhny". The guys are doing exercises. Boys play football, table tennis. Girls sunbathe on the river bank. Eyesight examination for children at the camp. The guys are at the tables in the dining room. Sales area of a grocery store; baby food on the shelf. Visitors to the children's cafe at the tables; Christmas tree in the cafe hall. Training of young figure skaters, swimmers, hockey players. People at the city skating rink. Evening illumination on the building of the Palace of Culture. Young workers in the shop at work on lathes.
T. Konovalova
Film ID
medical services for the population
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, preschool institutions
, out-of-school education
, school education
, automobile transport
, public catering
, state trade
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Kupreishis, B. Degtyarev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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