North Caucasus № 22-23

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The special issue of the newsreel is devoted to the problem of combating drug addiction in North Ossetia. The following films were used in the newsreel: Part 1: A police station in one of the districts / Ordzhonikidze /, a policeman on duty at the control panel, a police car leaves on call, drives along a city street; an internal view of one of the drug addicts' dens, officers of the police department for combating drug addiction are leading drunk men detained on suspicion of drug trafficking from the entrance of the house where the den is located; a fight in the courtyard of one of the houses in the village of Kartsa: the drug addict's relatives snatch him out of the hands of police officers; general view of the police post at the intersection of the Ordzhonikidze-Nazran highway, to intercept the transit of drugs from Nazran, police officers check cars; view of Ordzhonikidze streets, traffic on the streets, city residents walk in the park with children, children ride a carousel, sit on a bench; an ambulance car driving down the street; view of the intensive care unit in the hospital, a man who was admitted to the hospital as a result of a drug overdose is lying on the bed; interview with deputy. Minister of Justice of the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic R.Kh.Batkhiev (sync. and behind the scenes.); an experienced addict gives an interview to a reporter (sync. and behind a frame.): talks about his life. 2 part. The correspondent talks with the deputy. Minister of Justice of the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic R.Kh.Betkhiev (sync. and behind the scenes.), who talks about the problems of drug addiction in the republic; the correspondent talks with the instructor of the regional committee of the Komsomol V. Kalashnikov, who is responsible for the work on combating drug addiction. General view of the almost unfenced territory of the Ardon hemp plant, where hemp is stored in large quantities; despite the fact that hemp is waste, but intoxicating pollen in it is still a lot; general view of a hemp stack. View of the building of the Republican Narcological Dispensary; views of the city of Ordzhonikidze, people pass through the streets, a correspondent interviews passers-by (sinhr.), ambulances and a police car are passing through the streets of the city.
B. Kantemirov
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medical services for the population
, situation of children
, relaxation
, everyday life
, militia
, cities
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Г. Berdiev
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