North Caucasus № 34-35

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The special issue of the newsreel tells about the Pazardzhik District of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, twinned with the Stavropol Territory. First part. Bulgaria, Pazardzhik. City view (aerial photography). Helicopter in the air. City intersections, highways (aerial photography). Local residents ride bicycles along the carriageway of the street. Greenhouses for growing vegetables (aerial photography). Factory workshop; workers make parts on machine tools. Molten cast iron is pouring. Shoe factory shop; shoes are moving on a conveyor belt. Tins of canned vegetables are moving on a conveyor belt in the shop of a vegetable processing enterprise. The streets of the town. High-rise residential buildings. People on the streets. Young parents are taking their children in strollers. Visitors to the museum hall. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; iconostasis in the church. The folk dance ensemble performs on the streets of the city. Outdoor swimming pool. People swim in the pool (aerial photography). Pazardzhik district. The road in the mountains. Peasants collect cherries. Tractors work in the field (aerial photography). Reservoirs. Rest house in the mountains (aerial photography). Associate Professor D. Prodanski talks about the irrigation of agricultural land (sinhr.). Grape plantations. Special equipment, drip irrigation pipes on the plantation. Fruit trees in the garden. Irrigation installations work in the field. Automatic line for packing bread in the bakery workshop. Bread moves on a conveyor belt. People are working in a greenhouse. Transportation of cucumbers in the greenhouse. Automobile road (aerial photography). The driver of the company "Bulgarian International Transportation" M. Fandakov talks about his work, about the rest of his child in the Circassian region. (Sinhr.). The second part: Bulgaria, Peshtera. City view (aerial photography). Roofs of houses. Automobile bridge. Fountain in the square. Monument to the People's Commissar of Health of the RSFSR N.A. Semashko. A memorial stone in the park, which was laid out in honor of the sister city of Cherkessk. Culture worker F. Klisuranova talks about the sights of the city (sinhr.). Children cross the road. Railway road in the mountains. The train enters the tunnel. Bulgaria, Velingrad (sister city of Kislovodsk). Monument to the partisan Vela Peeva, after whom the city is named. Military parade on the street of the city. A brass band is playing. View of a holiday home in a forest area. Buildings of the sanatoriums "Kislovodsk", "Klinichen". Vacationers on the lake ride water bicycles. Flowers in the greenhouse. Florists are working in a greenhouse, cutting carnations. Interview with agronomist-florist A. Pashterskaya (sinhr.) Bulgaria, Panagyurishte. City view (aerial photography). Quarry of the Copper Beneficiation Plant. Loading ore into trucks. Cars loaded with ore on the way. Pensioners Pavel and Mikhail Deikovs tell how, during excavation work in 1949, they discovered the famous Panagyurishten treasure (4th century BC), consisting of 9 gold vessels with items of Greco-Thracian art (sinhr.). Gold vessels in the museum. Children in the museum hall. City area. Memorial complex in honor of the participants of the April Uprising of 1876. Monument to the national heroine Raina Knyagina, who sewed the banner of the uprising. People stand on a city street in moments of mourning on July 2. Sculptures of soldiers who died during the Second World War in the forest. People stand at a bus stop in moments of sorrow. Clock on the tower. Driver M. Fandakov talks about the cooperation of sister cities (sinhr.) People sit at the tables of a street cafe. Fields, lake (aerial photography).
V. Grunin
Film ID
automobile transport
, dancing
, reclamation
, plant growing
, metallurgy
, spa assistance
, museums
, villages
, landscapes
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, rural settlements
, bytgorodskogo population
, cultural tiesussrwithbulgaria
, food industry
, economic
, christianity
, public catering
, leather and footwear industry
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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