North Caucasus № 47-48

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A special issue of the newsreel "North Caucasus" tells about the "Peace Train", formed in Stavropol, about the activities of Soviet peace fighters. First part. G. Stavropol, passers-by on the street, it is raining. A man is leading a little boy down the street. Children go to school. School building. The wedding cortege is driving along the road. Newlyweds with flowers rise to the Eternal Flame. Monument to those killed in the Great Patriotic War. Railway station, rally dedicated to the departure of the "Train of the world". The protesters are holding anti-war banners. A man in front of a microphone reads out an address to Mr. Javier Perez de Cuellar and delegates to the XXXVIII session of the UN General Assembly. Girl with flowers. Railway workers attach the sign “STAVROPOLIE. TRAIN OF THE WORLD "on the carriage. The train is leaving. The passenger train travels by rail, views from the train window. Participants of the "Train for Peace" drink tea in the compartment. The girl writes at the table in the compartment. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War junior sergeant N.I.Davydova, senior sergeant N.A. Evlanova, intelligence officer I.A.Indylova and guard lieutenant of the medical service E.Ya. Shulzhenko in a train compartment. Major General of the reserve M.B. Dzilikhov, who was liberating Ukraine, in a train compartment. Ukraine, Kiev, a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, in the background - trams are going. Poster "KYIVLIANS WELCOME THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE WORLD TRAIN FROM STAVROPOL!" Antiwar rally at the railway station in Kiev, participants of the "Train of Peace" speak in front of the microphone. FV Rysevets, a participant in the battles for Kiev, speaks at a rally. Streets in the center of Kiev. A trolleybus is going. Children play by the fountain in the park. Mothers with children in strollers sit on a bench in the park. The kid runs along the path. Monumental sculpture of the Motherland above the National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War. The eternal flame is burning at the monument to the Unknown Soldier. Veterans lay flowers at the Eternal Flame. Belarus, Memorial architectural and sculptural complex of Khatyn: "Khatyn alarm bell", "Cemetery of villages", "Smokes of Khatyn", "Memory Square" with a memorial plate and the Eternal Flame, sculpture "Unconquered Man". The Peace Train participants walk along the memorial, hold anti-war posters at the rally, and lay a wreath at the Eternal Flame. Memorial complex "Brest Fortress", schoolchildren are in the Guard of Honor at the Eternal Flame, laying flowers. Sculpture "Courage". Lithuania, Vilnius, the building of the railway station. Church of St. Anne, in the foreground - a bus is going. Passers-by on the street in the city center. University building, inscriptions in Latin on the walls. The building of the Audejas spinning and weaving factory. Factory workers distribute carnations to the participants of the "Train of Peace". Anti-war rally at the factory, speaking People's Writer of Lithuania Jozas Baltushis, former military pilot M. G. Vladimirov, the audience in the hall applauded. Veterans lay flowers at the Eternal Flame. Newsreel footage of 1941-45: a German plane in the sky, bombs are flying to the ground, anti-tank nadolby on the streets of Kiev, a view of Kiev after the bombing, German soldiers are sitting on the sidewalk, walking along the streets of Kiev, crosses on the graves of German soldiers, an atomic explosion, Soviet soldiers in carriages going home. Newsreel footage of the 1970s: an explosion at sea. The second part of. Lithuania, Kaunas, the participants of the "Train of Peace" go through the territory of the museum - the former German concentration camp "9th Fort". Concentration camp buildings, cameras, towers, barbed wire, graffiti on the walls (1944) Leningrad, Fontanka embankment, one of the sculptures of the ensemble "Man Taming the Horses" on the Anichkov Bridge, pedestrians walk along the crossing at Anichkovy Bridge, cruiser "Aurora" , a monument to VI Lenin in front of Smolny, a trace from the bombing on the column of St. Isaac's Cathedral, traffic along Nevsky Prospect, a sign on one of the houses “CITIZENS! THIS SIDE OF THE STREET IS THE MOST DANGEROUS WHEN THE ARTSBOOT IS! ". Memorial Piskarevskoye Cemetery, Motherland Monument, Peace Train participants lay a wreath. The building of the Peace Defense Committee, participants in the anti-war action enter the building, a meeting in the hall. Meeting in the House of Friendship, the Hero of Socialist Labor, poet MA Dudin, secretary of the Stavropol Peace Committee V.K. Mikhalyuk are speaking, they are applauding in the hall. The rally participants put their signatures under the appeal to the UN. Nevsky Prospect, cafe "Sever". Estonia, Tallinn, the building of the railway station, the ceremonial meeting of the "Peace Train", a military band plays, a meeting. Chairman of the Republican Peace Committee Hero of the Soviet Union E.K. Pusen speaks at a rally. View of the Old Town. The photographer works on the observation deck. The girl takes pictures of children by the pond in the park. Swans in the pond. Mothers and children are walking along the alley. A woman with a stroller reads on a bench. Squirrel jumping on the ground in the park. Sea, surf, in the background - cranes. Waves at sea, in the background - ships. G. Novgorod, the walls of the Kremlin, the monument "Millennium of Russia" in the Kremlin, an anti-war rally on the central square of the city, a rally near the walls of the Kremlin, a participant of the "Train of Peace" MB Dzilikhov speaking. A delegation of Danish teachers at the rally. The head of the delegation Johann Ralph speaks in front of the microphone. G. Smolensk, anti-war rally, the girls are plywood pigeons, the participants of the "Peace Train" are in a column, speak to the protesters. G. Stavropol, the return of the "Peace Train", meeting the participants at the station. A boy holds a MIRU-MIR poster. Newsreel footage: an atomic explosion [1945], American soldiers marching across the airfield, NATO tanks are walking along the road, NATO planes take off from the runway, planes are in the sky, a cruise missile flies out of the sea (1970s), US President R. Reagan is sitting in a military jeep, smiling (1981-82), footage of the blockade of Leningrad 1941-44. (passers-by on the street, houses are crumbling, residents of the city are clearing the rubble after the bombing, a man and a woman are carrying a corpse on a board down the street), an anti-war rally in the United States, police watering protesters with cannons (1970s).
S. Tsoriev
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the second world war
, urban transport
, road transport
, out-of-school education
, international connections
, literature
, strategic missile forces
, borbazamir
, textile industry
, museums
, animal world
, navy
, landscapes
, railroad transport
, school education
, rally and protest
, sea transport
, peoples life
, cities
, sculpture
, military units
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S. Tsoriev
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