North Caucasus № 8-9

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A special issue of the newsreel is dedicated to an event that took place during the election campaign in Stavropol. In protest against the undemocratic decision of the city executive committee, which prohibited the holding of a meeting to nominate a candidate for deputy at the place of residence, three voters from the initiative group to create the Stavropol People's Front in support of perestroika went on a hunger strike. Winter, snowfall, the streets of Stavropol through the glass of the car. Broken cars on the road. Trucks are standing on the road. The director of the release L. Magkeeva talking on the phone (sinhr.). Members of the initiative group, Candidates of Sciences Yuri Nesis, Taisiya Kaznacheeva, Alla Lipchanskaya, Viktor Mertsalov, Alexander Novikov, journalist Vasily Krasulya, teacher Valery Mitrofanov talk about changes in the country, the need to change the system, pressure from the party bosses, and the decision to hold a hunger strike ( sync.). Leaflets, written by the initiative group, on a pole, on a bench. A woman is handing out leaflets to passers-by. A rally against the construction of the Volga-Chograi canal on the street, a banner "FEBRUARY 12, ALL UNION DAY OF PROTEST NO VOLGA-CHOGRAY!" Passers-by put their signatures under the appeal. The building of the Stavropol City Committee of the CPSU, the flag on the building. The cameraman is filming a meeting of the initiative group in the room. The reels of the tape recorder are spinning. V.Mitrofanov sings with a guitar. Military band musicians are playing in the street. December 1982, demonstrators with flags are passing by the monument to V. I. Lenin, a car with a poster "60 YEARS OF THE USSR" is driving. Students of vocational schools are walking. Demonstrators carry portraits of members of the government. A solemn meeting dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR - taking out the banner, those present in the hall stand up, speaking from the podium, children with flowers rise on the stage. Presidium, poster "GLORY TO THE PEOPLE OF LABOR!" Komsomol members present awards to veterans. Snowdrifts on the city streets, a man clears snow from the street. Witnesses to the events Bashlachev, Voropaev, Shubina talk about the persecution of members of the initiative group (sinhr.). Summer, harvesting grain in the field - the Niva combines are on the way. Work on the construction of a multi-storey residential building in Stavropol. Workers at the machines at one of the factories.
L. Magkeeva
Film ID
, holiday demonstrations
, road transport
, building
, rally and protest
, agitation
, cities
, strikes
, plant growing
, political propaganda
, cinema
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
Editor I. Cherdzhieva, editor F. Besaeva, music producer V. Belyansky
Release Date
Has Sound

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