North Caucasus Number 14

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1 plot - "High award" Stavropol Territory, Stavropol Building of the Palace of Culture. Solemn presentation of the rolling Red Banner of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (AUCCTU) to the foremost workers in the production of Stavropol. The banner is handed over by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR Vasily Ivanovich Kazakov. V. Kazakov and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Stavropol Regional Council of People's Deputies Ivan Tikhonovich Taranov are making a welcoming speech. 2 plot - "Spring of Georgy Prokopenko" North-Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Prigorodny District Collective farm "According to the precepts of Ilyich": preparation of agricultural machinery for spring field work; plowing fields; planting potatoes. The foreman of machine operators, delegate of the XXVI Congress of the CPSU Georgy Mikhailovich Prokopenko, driving a tractor, checks the quality of plowing together with agronomist Nikolai Semeneko. Scene 3 - "Spring Harvest" Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Greenhouses of the "Nalchiksky" state farm: harvesting cucumbers, packing greens in boxes, planting flowers and citrus fruits. 4 plot - "City of Health" Stavropol Territory, Pyatigorsk General view of the city. The sculptural composition "Eagle" on Mount Mashuk (sculptor LK Shodkiy). Sanatorium "Tarkhany". External and internal views of the pool; vacationers are engaged in water aerobics. Vacationers feed the deer. Radon hospital: treatment of vacationers with a dry-air radon mixture (radioemanatorium). 5 plot - "Shooters are competing" North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Ordzhonikidze. Championship of the RSFSR among men in bullet shooting: participants of the competition prepare weapons; shoot at stands and moving targets. Among the winners are Sergey Saranin (Novosibirsk), Sergey Kulik (Khabarovsk), Yuri Zaitsev. 6 plot - "April Fool's Surprise" North Caucasus An unusual natural phenomenon - April Fools' snow.
L. Magkeeva
Film ID
, spa assistance
, percussion
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, landscapes
, cities
, kpss
, plant growing
Number of Parts
G. Gavrilov, S. Tsoriev, A. Attaev, A. Bass
Other Creators
Lyricist T. Tuaeva, speaker B. Druzhnov, sound engineer V. Kachurin, editor O. Toropchina, music producer A. Bass, editor N. Pesyakov
Release Date
Has Sound

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