North Caucasus Number 29

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. New buildings in Makhachkala. Report from the construction sites of the city. The plot uses the following filming: city streets, traffic, the building of the hotel "Leningrad", the building of the cinema "Russia"; work of builders, finishers, bricklayers, welders on the construction of the Russian Drama Theater in Makhachkala. 2nd plot. From combine to tank. The plot tells about the soldiers serving in the Grozny garrison. The plot uses the following filming: tankers on military exercises - moving over rough terrain, overcoming a water obstacle; soldiers are preparing to leave - dress in front of a mirror, walk in the park, ride on merry-go-rounds; the work of the soldiers of the Grozny garrison in a sponsored state farm at the harvest, the soldiers after work pass through the village. 3rd plot. Climbing Elbrus in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The plot is dedicated to the mass ascent of Elbrus. The plot uses the following filming: a landscape of mountains, a general view of the snowy peaks of Elbrus, a tent camp of climbers, climbers preparing for the ascent, climbing Elbrus, standing on the top. 4th plot. Gathering of the leaders of the student production brigades. The plot tells about the 22nd gathering of the leaders of the student production brigades in the city of Svetlograd. The plot uses the following filming: solemn lineup of the rally participants, a meeting of rally participants and a speech by the 1st secretary of the Stavropol regional party committee, MS Gorbachev; competition of the rally participants in the ability to work on a tractor, milking, rewarding the winners. 5th plot. Championship of the RSFSR in equestrian sport. The plot is devoted to the equestrian competition for the championship of the RSFSR at the Nalchik hippodrome. The plot uses the following filming: a parade of competition participants, competitions in equestrian triathlon, awarding the master of sports from Yaroslavl V. Skryabin - the winner in equestrian triathlon and awarding the team of the Rostov region - the winner of the competition in the team championship.
H. Koroev
Film ID
, plant growing
, automobile transport
, rural settlements
, building
, parks
, mountaineering
, theatre
, horseback riding
, landscapes
, cities
, kpss
, ground troops
, labor education
, consumer services
Number of Parts
V. Dzobaev, B. Nasimov, A. Attaev, G. Gavrilov, H. Koroev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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