North Caucasus Number 36

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Newsreel dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the national poetess of Kabardino-Balkaria Tanzili Mustafaevna Zumakulova. Mountain landscapes. The water of the mountain river flows. The ruins of an ancient building in the mountains. Bridge over a mountain river. Mountain road (filmed from a high point). T.Zumakulova is walking along a mountain road, sitting by a mountain river. Books by T. Zumakulova. Poetesses Raisa Akhmatova and Irina Volobueva talk about T. Zumakulova in front of a microphone. Poet Ramiz Gaidar talks about T. Zumakulova. T.Zumakulova meets with workers of one of the factories of Kabardino-Balkaria, reads her poems in the shop. Workers are giving flowers to the poetess. The faces of women listening to poetry. T.Zumakulova presents her book to women, those present applaud. Solemn meeting of the poetess on her native land in the village of Kirkhozhan (now Tyrnyauz) of the Elbrus region - girls and young people in national clothes are dancing in a meadow in the mountains, an accordion player is playing, riders are arriving on horseback. Fellow villagers present Tanzila with a cup of drink, Tanzila drinks. T.Zumakulova with her mother walking along a mountain road. Composer Alexander Tchaikovsky talks about his work together with T Zumakulova on an opera based on the poems of the poetess. Tanzilya with brothers at the monument to the founder of Balkar literature K.B. Mechiev. Panorama of the monument. Rewarding on stage T. Zumakulova Order of Friendship of Peoples on the day of her anniversary, those present in the hall applauded. Presentation of flowers to T. Zumakulova on stage.
A. Maklakov
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, rewarding
, medals
, festivities
, population
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, territory
, peoples life
, fiction
, music
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A. Attaev
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