North Caucasus Number 36

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The newsreel consists of 4 plots. 1plot. The plot tells about the opposition rally to the Supreme Soviet of Kabardino-Balkaria demanding the resignation of the government. G. Nalchik. Opposition rally at the House of Soviets on Lenin Avenue. Dismantling of Lenin's sculpture; a crane is working, the sculpture is being loaded onto a truck, police officers are standing along the perimeter of the fence. 2 plot. The plot is dedicated to a teacher from the village of Lesken, non-professional artist Akhsarbek Beriev. North Ossetia, with. Lesquin. Teacher, ornamental artist A. Beriev talks about the culture of the people and the preservation of a peaceful life (sinhr.); in the courtyard of his house he works with a chisel and a hammer, in the room he is making a wooden figurine of a shepherd. A. Beriev's wife prepares Ossetian pies. 3 plot. The plot tells about the first festival of national art of Karachais and Balkars in Kabardino-Balkaria. G. Nalchik, September 1991 Opening of the festival of national art of Karachais and Balkars at the city stadium: meeting guests; raising the flag; performance of the festival participants. Performances of amateur artists, dance, folklore groups in the open areas of the city, on the territory of the Chegem gorge. 4 plot. The plot is dedicated to the first of September. G. Vladikavkaz. Pupils, teachers, parents at the solemn assembly dedicated to the first of September in the courtyard of the school. The man is taking pictures of the guys. A girl with a bell in her hand on the shoulders of a young man.
N. Kruglova
Film ID
, school education
, bytsel population
, architecture
, choreographic
, militia
, posters
, cities
, sculpture
, stadiums
Number of Parts
A. Attaev, P. Finkelberg, A. Morgoev, S. Budtuev
Other Creators
Lyricist N. Kruglova, speaker R. Merkun, sound engineer V. Kachurin, editors F. Besaeva, L. Kalkutina, music producer V. Belyansky, editor I. Cherdzhieva
Release Date
Has Sound

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