North Caucasus Number 4

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. Annual ahead of schedule. The plot tells about the foremost workers of the spinning and weaving factory in Mineralnye Vody. The plot uses the following filming: production processes in the spinning shop of the enterprise, the leaders of the production of spinners Z. G. Lashutina and Z. A. Idrisova at work in the shop, general view of bobbins with yarn. 2nd plot. Poultry farm. The plot tells about growing broilers at the Maiskaya poultry farm in Karachay-Cherkessia. The plot uses the following filming: a general view of the poultry house, where broilers are kept, chickens peck feed, mechanical distribution of feed to the chickens, a poultry farm worker Raisa Bugaytseva walks through the poultry house, the henwoman holds the chicken in her hands. 3rd plot. Surgeon. The plot tells about the surgeon of the children's department of the Stavropol regional hospital I.G. Sitnikov. The plot uses the following filming: I.G. Sitnikov on the street puts his grandson in a wheelchair, hospital doctors walk along the corridor, a panorama of the operating room during a planned operation in hospitals, surgeon I.G. Sitnikov at the operation, examines a sick girl in the ward in round-trip time, doctors examine a sick child in the office, IG Sitnikov examines a picture; IG Sitnikov at home with his grandson at home. 4th plot. Shepherds are competing. The plot tells about the shepherds of the Sheep Breeder state farm in the Stavropol Territory. The plot uses the following filming: a general view of the Stavropol steppe, a sheep-breeding complex, shepherds carry hay for the sheep, load feed on a cart, a flock of sheep walks past the farm, sheep in an open enclosure at the feeders; working meeting of sheep-breeding brigades led by N. Kozlov and M. Postonogov. 5th plot. Cheese maker. The plot is dedicated to the cheese maker from Kabardino-Balkaria A. Shogenov. The plot uses the following filming: cheese production at one of the cheese-making enterprises in the republic, master cheese-maker A. Shogenov at work, checking the quality and readiness of the cheese; view of the factory laboratory, where the quality of cheeses is tested, a panorama of the racks with cheeses. 6th plot. GAI inspector Shamil Farniev, an inspector of the North Ossetian GAI, is described in the video. In the plot, the following filming was used: the traffic police inspector Sh.Farniev detains the traffic offender, checks the driver's documents, draws up a protocol, the traffic police inspector Sh.Farniev is on duty during duty.
L. Magkeeva
Film ID
settlement points
, state agricultural enterprises
, automobile transport
, food industry
, livestock
, textile industry
, everyday life
, medical service of the population
, militia
Number of Parts
M. Barbutly, H. Koroev, G. Gavrilov, A. Attaev, V. Lyanov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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