North Caucasus Number 40

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The movie included the following stories: 1. On the graduation of officers-aviators at the Stavropol Aviation School Stavropol Territory, Stavropol Graduates with a banner are walking along the parade ground; swear an oath before receiving diplomas; congratulations from high command and family. The head of the school, Major General of Aviation B.A. Averin, young officers give interviews (sinhr.). A military band is playing. 2. About corporatization of the Pyatigorsk factory of souvenir products Stavropol Territory, Pyatigorsk At the Pyatigorsk factory of souvenir products, which produces carved metal plates, vessels, trays, teapots, coffee pots, it was decided to corporatize the enterprise. The chairman of the labor collective S. Semenova talks about the prospects of the factory in the new economic conditions. Workers buy and count stocks, sign in a magazine. 3. ABOUT THE EXHIBITION "PHOTOMODEL 90" Stavropol Territory, Stavropol Stavropol photographers in Arkhyz are shooting naked models on horseback, on a stone by the river. Exhibition of works. Visitors look at the photographs, going from hall to hall. The participant of the exhibition, photo artist Y. Zhvanko, talks about himself in the studio (sinhr.); goes through photos; looking for objects for filming on the city streets; photographs. 4. ABOUT THE COMPETITION OF MOTORCYCLISTS North-Ossetian ASSR, Vladikavkaz The youngest participant of the motocross competition A. Gubarev raises the flag at the opening ceremony. Athletes are preparing for the race: they check motorcycles, attach numbers. At the start, turn on the ignition; driving along the highway, overcoming obstacles. The finish judge signals the flag. Spectators on the podium. Congratulations to the winners and presentation of diplomas.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
, artistic photography
, motocross
, professional education
Number of Parts
G. Gavrilov, A. Attaev, S. Budtuev
Other Creators
Lyricist P. Finkelberg, announcer U. Baskaev, music producer V. Belyansky, sound engineer V. Kachurin, editor G. Martynova, editor I. Cherdzhieva
Release Date
Has Sound

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