North Caucasus Number 45

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. Native language The story tells that in Dagestan, where more than 40 languages are spoken, schools began to learn their native language. The plot uses the following filming: Schoolchildren in the classroom, the teacher at the blackboard explains the lesson; general view of school textbooks in their native language, children in the school library receive textbooks, examine them. The lesson of the Russian language in the Makhachkala secondary school No. 11. 2-nd plot. Ecology The plot tells about the pollution of the environment by enterprises. The plot uses the following filming: Greenhouse workers at work: tying up plants. Cut flowers; General view of chrysanthemums and cucumbers in the greenhouses of the Buinaksk state farm "Teplichny", which are heated by thermal waters. The processed waste water from the enterprise is discharged into the water of the reservoir. General view of the polluted river Shura-Ozen, a bridge across the river. Trucks dump waste into the river. View of molasses spilled from cisterns, which flows into the river. Panorama of Buinaksk. Oil tanks are standing on the tracks. Production processes in the fur-coat shop of the Buinaksk regional by-product plant: dressing and dyeing of sheepskin, sewing fur coats and sheepskin coats. A man tries on a ready-made sheepskin coat. Workshop workers throw waste to a landfill. Panorama of the landfill in the yard of the plant. Interview of Magomedov, representative of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (sync. And behind the scenes), who talks about the state of ecology in the republic. Circus The plot tells about the folk circus organized by Kamil Kurbanov in the village of Daghestani Ogni. The plot uses the following filming: Amateur circus performers at a rehearsal under the direction of K. Kurbanov. Panorama of the medals won by artists at various competitions and festivals.
N. Kruglova
Film ID
school education
, environmental protection
, ecology
, artistic activities
, fur and fur industry
, cities
, plant growing
Number of Parts
Chon Ning Gu
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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