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South-Western Front, Voroshilovgrad region, Novo-Aydar region, Popasny farm, April 1943. Kolkhoz im. Before the war Shevchenko grew the best varieties of seed wheat. The sown area on the collective farm was 600 hectares. In 1940, the collective farm was awarded a diploma for participation in an agricultural exhibition. After the liberation of the Popasny farm from the German occupation, the collective farmers with all the means at their disposal began the spring field work. View of the Popasny farm and peasant huts under thatched roofs. Collective farm watchman Ivan Andreevich Koval, whose five sons - one was taken to Germany, another - a partisan was tortured by the Nazis, three others are fighting at the front in the ranks of the Red Army, with his grandson Mikola they leave the hut. IA Koval nails the sign to the hut with the NDP “Board of the collective farm named after Shevchenko ". Small children - a boy and a girl come up to them. Koval's grandson - Mikola gives his grandfather nails. Collective farmer Praskovya Nikitichna Artyukh, who with her own hands restored the devastated hut-laboratory of the collective farm. Shevchenko, opens the door of the hut-laboratory, enters it, checks the seeds in a test tube. The beginning of spring sowing work in the fields of the collective farm: collective farmers plow the fields on cows and oxen. Old man Demyan Petrovich Ivanchenko is baptized in front of the first furrow. D.P. Ivanchenko and his daughter-in-law Tatiana Pasechnik plow the land on cows. A military armored vehicle is passing by them, as the front line of the fountain passes 18 kilometers from the farm. A military vehicle is carrying an anti-aircraft gun. General view of traces of past battles in the fields: a broken German cannon, a wrecked tank, soldiers' helmets. General view of anti-aircraft guns in different parts of the field. A group of soldiers at an anti-aircraft gun on the field. A subunit of machine gunners is walking along the edge of the field at dusk, cars are passing by, incl. with anti-aircraft guns. Old seed-planters carry out manual sowing; among them: Ustin Petrovich Boyko, Ivan Andreevich Koval, Andrei Afanasevich Sidorenko. A farmer pours wheat seeds from a bag into the seed drill's hopper.
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the great patriotic war
, plant growing
, agriculture
, collective farms
Yu Kuhn
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