North of the Zambezi

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The film is dedicated to the history and development of the Republic of Zambia. Landscapes of the Zambezi River. Monument to the explorer of Africa D. Livingston. Excavators operate in an open pit mining. Moments of the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Kafue River. View of villages in Zambia. Crocodiles, roe deer, zebras, giraffes in the national reserve of the republic. Inhabitants of one of the villages are engaged in household work: they grind corn grains, process grain, take care of cabbage in the beds. Members of a cooperative in one of the villages are caring for cows, piglets, repairing a tractor. Children in class at a lesson in a village school. Doctors from the USSR examine children in a hospital; make an operation to the patient. Residents of Lusaka walk the streets; inspecting shop counters. House-Museum of the President of Zambia K. Kaunda. President K. Kaunda is walking along Lusaka Street, accompanied by officials. U. Kaunda at the Lusaka airfield meets the participants of the Third Conference of Heads of State and Government of Non-Aligned Countries; watches the youth parade from the rostrum of Lusaka Square.
V. Komarov
Film ID
economic relations of the ussr and zambia
, energy
, nature
, state power
, leisure
, collective farms
, school education
, building
, livestock
, public home life
, health care
, state trade
, settlements
, animal world
, cities
, international connections of different countries
, plant growing
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V. Komarov, Yu. Egorov
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