Northernmost City

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A film about living and working conditions in the city of Norilsk. Krasnoyarsk Territory, the city of Norilsk, 1984. City views. People at the bus stop are waiting for the bus. Type of passing cargo, passenger transport in a snow storm. Residents walk along the street, overcoming snow drifts and frantic gusts of wind. View of an electronic display showing the temperature - 48 degrees. The car "Zhiguli" is white with the state number "04-41". New residential neighborhood of the city; view of a construction crane and a house under construction. Customers choose flowers in the store. View of street lamps. View of the sign with the NDP: "KRASNOYARSKIE PILLARS" on the restaurant building. Running electronic line: “… WIND. A POLAR NIGHT Lasts TWO AND HALF A MONTH ”. A greenhouse worker collects cucumbers. Kindergarten wall clock showing 4:00 pm. Children play in the hall. The guys in the sports school are engaged in figure skating and swimming. Pictures of Norilsk artists in the House of Creativity. Craftswomen for making jewelry from beads and festive outfits. People at the folk festival of the spring sun dance and sing holding hands. Competition of reindeer herders on reindeer sledding. The plane at the airport. View of ships at the Norilsk river port. Icebreakers "Captain Nikolaev" and "Monchegorsk". Fishermen on the ice near the river port. Norilsk Mining Metallurgical Combine. A kind of pouring red-hot metal. Metallurgical workers in the shop. Dispatching plant.
A. Stremyakov
Film ID
specialized trade
, automobile transport
, metallurgical industry
, preschool education
, national holidays
, reindeer husbandry
, service hours
, ports
, meteorology
, decorative and applied art
, homework
, beautification
, sea transport
, sports schools
, capital construction
, vegetable growing
, public catering
, handicraft industry
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
N. Gail
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Suslov, music editor L. Vorontsova, editor A. Mikhailov, film director A. Rogachev, text by A. Rozin
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