Nuremberg Trials

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American film, compiled from the plots of the German chronicle: 1921-1933 - Speech by I. Goebbels. I. Goebbels in the office. 1927 - A. Hitler welcomes stormtroopers, speaks at the stormtroopers parade. 1929 - stormtroopers pass through the city streets. 1932 - Speech by A. Hitler, torchlight procession. 1933 - A. Hitler's speech as chancellor. Speech by G. Goering. Elections in Berlin. Speech by I. Goebbels, A. Hitler, burning of books. 1933-1934 - parade at the stadium, speech by R. Hess at the rally. A. Hitler and R. Hess at the parade. 1935 - 7th Party Congress. Meeting of the Prime Minister of Hungary D. Gembes. 1936 - Re-occupation of the Rhineland. Speech by von Ribbentrop. 1936-1937 - A. Hitler's speech to the youth, to the workers. A. Hitler is touring the troops. Funeral rally on the occasion of the death of the sailors of the warship "Deutschland". 1938 - A. Hitler speaks at a parade, at a meeting of the Reichstag, at a rally in Vienna. Meeting A. Hitler, who returned from Austria. 10th Party Congress. 1939 - Arrival of the President of Czechoslovakia Gakh to Berlin. Occupation of the Memel region. Meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy G. Ciano. The return of the German legions from the Spanish war. Aggressive wars 1939-1944 Attack on the USSR 22.06.1941 Signing of the German-Japanese economic agreement 20.01.1943 Arrival of Mussolini 01.10.1943 1944 - 55th anniversary of the birth of A. Hitler. Arrival of D. Mussolini in Berlin.
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irregular troops
, propaganda
, the second world war
, economic communications
, italy
, austria
, lithuania
, japan
, fascist parties
, political connections
, youth organizations
, higher state bodies
, diplomatic relations
, spain
, armed forces
, germany
, electoral system
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