Obelisks in the Mountains

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The film is dedicated to the defenders of the Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War. Part 1 Panorama of the Main Caucasian ridge. Snow-capped mountain peaks. Climbers climb an icy slope, walk in a narrow mountain gorge, chop steps in the ice at the top of the slope. The search group is searching for the remains of the dead soldiers in the area of the Marukh pass. Burial of the remains. Finds of the detachment: household items of soldiers, a box with grenades. Military newsreels (1942 -1943, b / w): a Soviet tank moves across a snow-covered field; ruins of houses on the banks of the river; German aircraft in the air; bombs fall from the plane; explosions; movement of German military equipment and infantry along the road. The balloon rises into the air near the oil pumping station; fascist planes fly by near the balloon; explosions in the oil field; firefighters drive a fire engine past a burning building; a burning German plane falls; German U-87 bombers in the air; a sailor at a signal spotlight; the ship's crew takes a position at the gun on the ship; bombs fall from a German plane; fire in the port after the raid. Movement of German soldiers of General R. Konrad's 49th Mine Rescue Corps in the mountains; dam explosion; oil is burning; the bodies of killed Soviet soldiers on the battlefield in the highlands; the body of a killed German submachine gunner; burning German plane; explosions in the mountains; the ZIS-3 cannon fires; burning German tanks; anti-tank "hedgehogs" on a city street; the inscription on the facade of the house: "Not one step back!"; residents of a mountain village are dismantling rubble, a sculpture of an eagle on Goryachaya Gora in Pyatigorsk; view of Pyatigorsk in winter; local residents are digging a mass grave; women cry; distribution of weapons to the militia, an equestrian detachment of militias in the mountains, in the aul; a young militia man says goodbye to his mother; an old mountain village with ancient family towers in the mountains; movement of a wagon with a weapon disguised with branches; the Nazis shoot from a cannon in the mountains; a horse, loaded with a mortar, falls. Hitler in the military group, among those present - B. Mussolini; Hitler on the map draws an arrow to Baku; Hitler, Mussolini, Keitl, Jodl and others at headquarters; Hitler draws a pencil around Baku and writes: "September 25"; a cake in the form of oil fields in Baku is put on the map; Hitler sprinkles the cake with sauce from the "Caspian Sea" with a spoon; Hitler and those present are eating cake; cut the cake; insert a chocolate swastika. Animation illustrating the movement of German troops in the Caucasus region to the oil fields of Grozny and Baku. Part 2 Museum-monument "Defenders of the Caucasus passes" in the town of Ordzhonikidze in Karachay-Cherkessia. Tourists visiting museum exhibits, photographs. The building of the museum-monument "Defenders of the Caucasus passes". An eternal flame, a plate on the mass grave with the inscription: "YOUR NAME IS A HERO, YOUR FEAT IS IMMORTAL." War veterans are standing near the museum. View of the Main Caucasian ridge. Veterans are walking along the mountain path. Among them are the disabled war G. Tomilov, the commander of one of the reconnaissance groups Hadji Murat Ibrahimbeyli, the scout D. Kuvaykova. Obelisk in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia. On the obelisk there is an inscription: "PEOPLE SHOULD NOT LIVE LASTING IN GORZA FOR THOSE WHO SAVED THEM FROM Grief, THEY MUST REMEMBER". Obelisk in the form of a hand with a torch in the mountains. There is an inscription on the obelisk: “NO! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR GLORIOUS NAMES - THE LIBERATORS OF THE HOMELAND! ". Workers set up an obelisk in the mountains. A plate with the inscription: “TO THE DEFENDERS OF THE CAUCASUS 1942-1943 YEARS FROM THE COLLECTIVE OF THE NEVINNOMYSSK CHEMICAL COMBINE IN THE GLORIOUS YEAR OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF SOVIET POWER. MAY 1967 ". Laying wreaths at the obelisk. Water stream of a mountain river. Mountain river view. Fog over the forest in the mountains. Tulips in the meadow. Lilac bush. Newsreel footage of the Battle for the Caucasus (1943, b / w): the military leadership of the Transcaucasian Front under the leadership of Army General Ivan Vladimirovich Tyulenev at the front line; soldiers raise their guns to a mountain slope; soldiers carry a mortar barrel along a steep slope; horses carry mortar parts; military trucks on a mountain road (troops of the 46th Army of the Transcaucasian Front, Lieutenant General Konstantin Nikolaevich Leselidze); Soviet mountain rifle detachments move in the mountains; German machine gunners in position; soldiers of the mountain rescue squad make an ascent on a steep slope; Soviet soldiers are fighting on an ice slope; German machine gunner is firing; Soviet submachine gunners are fighting; Soviet soldiers are fighting near the waterfall; a Soviet soldier shoots from a machine gun; escorting German prisoners of war in the mountains near the waterfall; the body of a killed Nazi on the mountain. The plane "U-2" flies over a mountain peak, over a group of Soviet troops in the mountains; dumping ammunition from an aircraft by parachute; snow avalanche in the mountains; Soviet soldiers with horses move in deep snow; fighters in camouflage coats storm German positions; the Germans climb the slope using a rope ladder; Soviet machine gunners in camouflage coats are fighting in the mountains; German machine gunners are shooting; German mortar crew; a German fighter goes skiing; German and Soviet soldiers during the battle; a detachment of German fighters skiing down the slope; Soviet soldiers walk along the slope in a blizzard to the top of Elbrus (February 1943); a detachment under the command of a mountaineer, military engineer A.M. Gusev sets the flag of the USSR on Elbrus; shooting from Soviet howitzers; explosions; Soviet tanks, planes go on the offensive; tank "Valentine" at the checkpoint; signs on the posts: "Taman", "Anapa", "Novorossiysk", "Krasnodar", there is a traffic controller nearby; the bodies of the killed Germans on the battlefield; broken German gun; a column of German prisoners is moving along the road. Animation illustrating the offensive of Soviet troops in the area of the Marukh and Klukhor passes.
A. Maklakov
Film ID
rural settlements
, second world war (including great patriotic war)
, museums
, landscapes
, cities
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
scriptwriter Y. Posheanskiy, editor Y. Litvinov, songwriter P. Ermishev, editor R. Kadzoeva, consultant Doctor of Historical Sciences H. Iragimbeyli, director I. Belokopytova
Release Date
Has Sound

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