Obscurantist Soul

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The hero of the film, a young man Yuri Yakushev from the village of Kholst, hunts in the mountains of North Ossetia, talks about himself, about his dreams and visions. 1 part. A young man in the mountains of North Ossetia, shouting (sinhr.). The man is holding a flask in his hands, behind him is a gun. A man reads a prayer (sync.), In which he asks for a successful hunt, drinks from a flask, and then enters the tunnel opening and calls for all the other participants in the hunt, including a young man and two girls. The hero of the film talks (per frame.) About his attitude to hunting, about the goats he hunts, and also about how he feels in this dark tunnel of the adit. The movement of the train from the trolleys along the tracks laid in the tunnel of the adit. People are huddled against the wall. The hero of the film says that he became interested in hunting when he returned from Chechnya, that he was looking for a bear in abandoned adits, and the bear found him himself (sinhr.). All members of the expedition climb the stairs and leave the adit. General view of the mountain landscape, which opened before the members of the expedition. The eagle flies over the mountains. The hero of the film - a hunter stands on a rock and performs some ritual movements, then walks along a mountain path following the trail of the beast. Snowy peaks of the mountains. The hero of the film - a hunter sits with a gun, talks (per frame) about hunting. The hunter sits, waits. The girls from behind the cliff watch the hunter, exchange remarks (per frame): how long they still have to sit and wait, especially since they already want to eat. Part 2. A bonfire is burning. The girls are sitting by the fire. The hero of the film - the hunter reflects (sync. And for the frame.) About his dreams and visions; says that the god Svarog sunk into his memory from his dreams. General view of the mountain landscape and one of the villages in the mountains. The hero of the film - a hunter drinks from a flask and says that when one goes hunting, he never comes without meat (sinhr.), Scolds himself for agreeing to take someone else on the hunt and is surprised that they were not flooded in adit. The cat sits on the window, the woman sits at the table in the house. On the table there is a bottle with a label on which the inscription "Fly agaric 2002" and a few more bottles of liquid. A woman falls asleep in one of the bottles of dried mushrooms (fly agaric). A group led by a hunter climbs the mountainside to a house in one of the mountain villages. The hero of the film, the hunter, opens the door. Woman in the window of the house. A dog barks in the yard. The hunter stands with a bucket and points to the mountains, says (sinhr.) That it was there that he first saw a miracle - a fireball. The woman at the window in the room (close-up), tells (off-screen) that her children also saw a fireball. The woman and her son are sitting at the table in the house, drinking tea. View of several apartment buildings in the village. Chicken in the yard. A cat's face (close-up). The hero of the film is a hunter with a cat. Panorama from a residential building to the mountains. A man - a member of a hunting expedition smokes, reads poetry (sinhr.), Next to a girl, listens. The girls leave the house, load their bags into the car. A man gets behind the wheel, the car drives along a mountain road, passes over a bridge over a mountain river. Cows graze in the pasture along the road. A man stops a car on the road, stands with a bouquet of flowers.
И. Zuy
Film ID
road transport
, rural settlements
, livestock
, everyday life
, landscapes
, hunting
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
N. Tebieva, F. Besaeva, A. Sokolkov, V. Akoev
Release Date
Has Sound

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