Odessa Is a Hero City

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The film tells about the military past and present of Odessa. First part. Ukraine, Odessa. Odessa port. Passenger ships at the berth. Port dispatcher at work. Cranes are working in the port. Fishermen on the pier. The building of the sea station. Embankment. Colonnade of the Belvedere of the Vorontsov Palace. A group of tourists with a guide near the colonnade. The building of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The streets of the town. Residents of the city on the street. Transport movement. The Potemkin Stairs. Ancient buildings on Pushkinskaya street. Street light. Fountain and sculpture of a lion on a pedestal in the park. People on the boulevard sit on benches Turner of the January Uprising Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor Viktor Cherbaev at work in the shop. A column of schoolchildren, a column of sailors at the obelisk in honor of the defenders of Odessa. War veterans at a rally near the obelisk. Hero of the Soviet Union PI Derzhavin recalls the war (sinhr.). Monument "Potemkinites - Descendants" (sculptor VA Bogdanov, 1965). A rally to mark the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi invaders near the Belt of Glory monument near the village of Dalnik. Honor guard of pioneers near the monument. Memorial ensemble "Nerubai catacombs". Honor guard of the Black Sea Fleet sailors at the obelisk to the Unknown Sailor. Military newsreels (1941-1944): a German military pilot in an airplane; shelling of the lighthouse by German planes; destroyed houses of the city, a woman - a tram driver at work, a barricade made of bags along the tram line, residents of Odessa build barricades, dismantle pavements; leaflet on the wall of the house “Working people of sunny Odessa! Improve productivity, discipline and organization. Everything for the front! Everything for the victory over the hated enemy! ”; Soviet military ships at sea; sailors are fighting; the flag of the USSR Navy fluttering in the wind; German aircraft in the air; German torpedo bombers fire at boats; bombs are falling; Soviet sailors near a large-caliber machine gun on the ship; aircraft dumping torpedoes from a German aircraft into the sea; boys are building a barricade on the streets of the city; tanks manufactured at the January Uprising Plant; workers in the shop are welding; a tractor "dressed" in armor at the factory. The second part of. Ukraine, Odessa. Vessels "Taras Shevchenko", "Admiral Nakhimov" "Divnogorsk" and others at the berth of the seaport. Passengers get off the ship. Loading cargo, vehicles with cranes onto ships in the port. A team of dockworkers at work. A wreath on the pedestal of the monument to the fighters who died for the power of the Soviets. The first monument to V.I. Lenin in Odessa; on the pedestal there is an inscription: “The first monument to VI Lenin in Odessa was created according to the project of ship repairmen by their hands for their personal money. Opened May 2, 1924. The sole will of the ship repairmen has been restored to the 100th anniversary of his birth. " Workers of the Shipyard named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine at work. The ship "Balashikha" at the dock. Workers are repairing the ship. Locksmiths - brothers Kosinski at work. The Kosinsky family (photo). The boat "Nikolay Levin" in the port. The son of Nikolai Levin - Konstantin Levin at work. Welders fulfilling the order of BAM, at work in the workshop of the plant named after the January Uprising. Cranes manufactured at the plant for laying the BAM road in the port. Construction of a multi-storey building. Flower garden in the park. Vacationers swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach. Bunch of grapes. The building of the V.P. Filatov Institute. Monument to V.P. Filatov. Students in the laboratory. Worker B.A.Shevchenko - foreman of locksmiths of the plant named after the October Revolution, Hero of Socialist Labor, participant in the defense of Odessa in the tsez at work. A tractor with a plow is working in the field. Rocky seashore. Fountain on the street of the city. Ships in the harbor of the port. Newsreel footage: the speech of the propaganda brigade at the front. Procession of participants of the Day of April Fools' Day in Odessa (photo). Inscriptions on self-made posters: “Buy a smile”, “We'll catch it!”, “Use off-road, less chance of hitting a pedestrian”, etc. Football players of Odessa "Chornomorets" on the field during the match. The building of the Opera and Ballet Theater. Waves roll onto the shore. Motor ship "Ukraine" in the port. Seeing off at the pier. A member of the crew climb aboard the ship. Crew members on board the ship leaving the pier.
L. Bukin
Film ID
, automobile transport
, architecture
, football
, mechanical engineering
, plant growing
, pioneer organization
, theatre
, navy
, hobbies
, restcitypopulation
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, hobby
, excursion work
, medicine
, sea transport
, higher education)
, improvement of settlements
, shipbuilding industry
, cities
, defense industry
, sculpture
Number of Parts
M. Poichenko
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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