Odessa Marathon

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The film tells about the mass tourist marathon "In places of military glory", dedicated to the feat of Soviet people who fought for the liberation of Odessa from the Nazi troops during the Great Patriotic War. Preparations for the start of the marathon at the monument to the amphibious assault, in 1941. broke the blockade of Odessa (Odessa region., Kominternovsky district, village Grigorievka), Poland on the faces of the participants. The meeting at the monument. Participants of the marathon take to the road. The brass band of military sailors marching along the road. Gunners shoot from a cannon - start. Participants of the marathon begin the 100-kilometer race, among them are students and the elderly. - a woman (No. 10) is running along the road, a Zhiguli car is following her. NDP on the fence near the road "HELLO TO PARTICIPANTS OF TOURIST CROSSING 100 KM!". Volunteers on the track pour tea for marathon runners, in the background - trolleybuses are passing by. Children offer the athletes glasses of tea. A young man is running, eating an apple on the move. Participants in the marathon run along the road outside the city. Mound of Glory (30 km distance). The participants of the race check in at the first checkpoint, drink tea, and relax on the grass. Participants of the rally - an ambulance paramedic from Odessa, a young man from Burgas (Bulgaria), a student from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering, a woman from Bereznyaki (Perm Region), a Great Patriotic War veteran from Poltava, representatives of the Finnish team talk to a reporter. Medical workers massage the feet of athletes during rest. A young man sings to a guitar in a clearing, in the background - a tent with a red cross. Elderly people do exercises on the grass. An ambulance car stands on the side of the road, marathon runners are running along the road. It is getting dark, the athletes are walking along the road, a traffic police car is driving behind them, power lines are in the background. The sun is setting, the athletes are running in the dark. At night, the participants of the rally are celebrating at the checkpoint at the monument of the 411th coastal battery on the southern outskirts of Odessa, where especially fierce battles were going on. General view of the monument. A bonfire is burning in the meadow, the participants of the run sing songs with a guitar. The young man talks about how a marathon tests character. Morning fog, tired marathon runners are walking, an ambulance is behind them. Athletes are walking with bandaged legs. The marathon runners who have retired from the race are resting on the grass. Odessa, view of the city beach in the early morning. An elderly woman runs along the embankment. Young people are walking, supporting each other. Night, finish, the athlete (№1) comes running - the leader of the marathon, the greeters applaud.
I. Ponomarev
Film ID
medical services for the population
, the second world war
, urban transport
, road transport
, sports
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, educational work for the middle of the population
, sculpture
, agitation
, landscapes
, cities
, rallies
, political propaganda
, consumer services
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A. Evseev, M. Radovsky
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