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A film about the history of the creation and development of the city of Odessa, its sights and the life of the people of the 1930s of the last century. Part 1 Ukrainian SSR, the city of Odessa. City views. Marine vessels in the Black Sea. Lighthouse in the Odessa port. Colonnade, which is the architectural completion of the ensemble of the Vorontsov Palace and Primorsky Boulevard. City plan. The building of the Odessa Opera House, built in 1887 in the style of the new Vienna Baroque. A group of kids in identical clothes are walking down the street, accompanied by a nanny. Residents of the city swim, ride in rowboats. A girl checks the cleanliness of the ears and hands of children before entering the playground. Children walk, ride attractions; on the wall of the building is a large portrait of Vladimir Ulyanov as a child. Type of passing trolleybus, tram, cars. A sign on the building with the NDP: GASTRON. The monument to the mayor of the city, Duke Armand-Emmanuel de Richelieu is a bronze monument erected in 1828, which is the first monument of the city. Odessa State University. The building of the medical institute. Medical students in white coats. Professor, ophthalmologist, inventor Vladimir Petrovich Filatov. A column of pioneers walks briskly down the street. A water sprinkler is watering the asphalt. The building of the former Odessa Commodity Exchange, built in 1899. The building of the city party committee. Scientific Library. Orthodox church. Park of Culture and Rest named after T.G. Shevchenko. Scaffolding near the arch - the front gate of the former dacha of the Novorossiysk governor Alexander Lanzheron, built in 1830. Students of the Odessa Maritime College on the training sailing ship "Comrade". Part 2 Ukrainian SSR, the city of Odessa. Tram movement. Industrial enterprise. Workers in the workshop of a metallurgical plant. Weaving factory worker at the loom in the shop. Teenagers at the boat station. Fishing on the shore. Loading cargo at the port. Domestic and foreign, passenger and cargo sea vessels with NDP: "GEORGIA", "KRYM", "URALLES", "KASHIRSTROY. VLADIVOSTOK "," UKRAINE "," AZNEFT "," IKBEL "in the port. Construction cranes on the shore. Electric train movement. Foreign tourists disembark at the port of Odessa. Buses waiting for tourists. City views. Vacationers on the beach. Young people go boating. Elderly people look at the sea. The central entrance to the sanatorium VUTSIK (All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee). Sanatorium named after Kaganovich. Part 3 Ukrainian SSR, the city of Odessa. Sanatorium named after Kaganovich. Sanatorium "Lermontovsky". The building of the tuberculosis sanatorium. Vacationers walk, read newspapers. A naked man is basking in the rays of the southern sun. Portrait of Vladimir Ulyanov as a child on the playground. Children watch and listen to a boy shouting that life in the Soviet Union is the best in the world (behind the scenes). The children enthusiastically agree in response. Rest for children in the children's sanatorium: physical education, sleeping in the fresh air, sunbathing, playing musical instruments, dancing. Primorsky Boulevard. Part of the "semicircular" building, built in 1830. Monument to the Duke of Richelieu. On the steps of the Potemkin Stairs: an elderly man, a woman carrying a baby carriage, sailors - people of different ages, symbolizing the connection between generations. Sailors near the coastal artillery gun. Monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. City and sea at night.
Jean Lods
Film ID
medical services for the population
, orthodox churches
, automobile transport
, beautification
, pioneer organization
, constructions
, textile industry
, sea transport
, river ports
, metallurgical industry
, rest of the population
, portrait sculpture
, secondary specialized educational institutions
, pier
, sanatoriums
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, art
Number of Parts
G. Eisenberg
Other Creators
text I. Babel, composer K. Dankevich, sound operator L. Chancellor
Release Date
Has Sound

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