Off the Coast of Africa

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Celebration of the "Day of Neptune" on the ship "Kazan", which crossed the equator. Kaliningrad city in winter. Fishing port. Trawler "Kazan" at the pier. A group of expedition members on the ship. Expedition route map. Passage of the vessel along the Kiel Canal. The city of Kiel. Navigator V. Kochegarov plotting a course on the map. Expedition members cover mechanisms during a storm. Preparation of fishing gear. Black fishermen in a canoe. Launching the first trawl into the tropical waters of the Atlantic. Trawl with fish on the deck. Saber slave, anglerfish, cuttlefish, crucian carp. Professor A. N. Probatov examines the "catch". Stingray shark. Lobsters. Dissected spiny lobster. The members of the expedition make out the wall newspaper "Kazan". Trawler off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Port of Takoradi. Ships at the pier. Loading works in the port. Loading bags of cocoa, Ghana's main export, onto steamers. Pineapples. Coconut palms on the shore. Collecting sugar cane. Street of Takoradi town. Sailors from "Kazan" on the streets of the city. Tailors, hairdressers, notaries work on the streets. African artisans at work. Score. Counters with radios. Cars and refrigerators of different brands. The city of Acra. The streets of the town. Sailors from "Kazan" visiting the courtyard of the fortress. Guards at the gates of the fortress. National flag. Triumphal arch with an inscription. Schoolchildren in the school yard. "Kazan" at sea. Engine room of the ship. The whale is overboard. The members of the expedition fish with a spinning rod. Fernando Po Island. Radiogram to the Kaliningrad Economic Council about the new fishing area. Fishing for sardines. Canned food production. Reloading boxes of sardines into the hold of the Noginsk refrigerator.
W. Gulin, R. Chevalier
Film ID
, economic communications
, fishing
, school education
, sea transport
, handicraft industry
, ghana
, cities
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
R. Chevalier, W. Gulin
Other Creators
Script I. Zaprivodin, editor V. Rabinovich, sound engineer B. Kartavenko
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