Officers Wife

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The film tells about the officers' wives who travel with their husbands to the duty station in different regions of the country: to the Arctic, to Central Asia, to Transbaikalia, etc. Part 1. The girls are present at the ceremonial presentation of diplomas to graduates of military schools. Young lieutenants - graduates of military schools are in the ranks, receive diplomas. The girls run to the young officers with flowers, one of the girls takes pictures. Mothers and wives congratulate their sons and husbands. Seeing off a young officer with his wife at the station: the mother sees off her son at the train carriage, admonishes him. The movement of a passenger train. Snowy expanses of the North (removed from the plane). Sunset. Light in the windows of a residential building .. View of the Zapolyarny military garrison located on the [Kola Peninsula]. Armored personnel carriers are passing by. The family of a young officer Alexei Yakovlev at home with friends: his wife Lyudmila tells (sinhr.) About life in the garrison. Alexey Yakovlev talks about the beginning of his service (sinhr.). Residents of a military town in the Arctic are with their bags across the road, passing cars. Drifting snow. A dump truck is sliding on an icy road. A lorry pulls the Gazik car out of the ditch with the help of a rope. A group of young women jogging in the garrison in the morning. A woman removes the frozen laundry from a rope in the yard, puts it in a basket. The women are taking the children to the playground. Children play on the playground. A girl in a military uniform is talking on the phone. A young woman milks a cow. A group of women in a greenhouse planting seedlings. Tank on the territory of the garrison. Women and children at the tank, posing in front of the movie camera. A group of women at the shooting range, shooting at targets with rifles and machine guns under the direction of an officer. The newlyweds, surrounded by friends, are walking in the park. Residents of one of the cities in Central Asia (Uzbekistan. Tajikistan ??) are walking down the street; among the passers-by - officer married couples with children. Children on the street at the column. A young officer's married couple - Alexey and Marina Reznichenko at home on the veranda of the house at a table on which there are plates of fruits and vegetables. Marina talks (sinhr. And off-screen.) About how they got assigned to Central Asia, about life in the garrison. Young family officer couples sit at a table in the garden, children bathe in the bathroom. Women in the garrison stand in line at the water tank.
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