Old and New of Moscow

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The film chronicle tells about the memorial appearance of the city of Moscow. First part. General view of the city of Moscow (filmed from the top point). Cars in the parking lot. View of the Kremlin. Assumption Cathedral. High-rise building on Vosstaniya Square. CMEA building. Novoarbatsky bridge. The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Borodinsky bridge. Corner Arsenal Tower of the Kremlin. The building of the Pechora restaurant. Fountain near the building of the hotel "Russia". Triumphal Arch on Mayakovsky Square. A panorama of the Ostankino tower. Chimes on the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower. The second part of. Moscow. The building of the hotel "Ukraine". General view of the city. The boat is sailing along the Moskva River. House on the embankment. The building of the hotel "Cosmos". Moscow department store. People are resting on one of the beaches of the city, walking along the streets. Different types of the Kremlin. The third part. General view of the city of Moscow (filmed from the top point). Views of different areas. Hotel building ["Minsk"]. House of the Book on Arbat. People are walking, vehicles are passing by. Flowerbeds with blooming poppies. The building of the hotel "Russia". The fountain is near the hotel. The boat sails along the Moskva River against the backdrop of trees. Ostankino tower. NDP.
D. S. Firsov
Film ID
urban transport
, architecture
, cities
, improvement of settlements
, sculpture
, hotels
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V. Mikosha
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No Sound

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