Old Pain

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The film tells the politics of Nazi Germany in the occupied territory of the Soviet Union, and in particular in the territory of Belarus. The film uses the following filming: Part 1: People in the church with lighted candles, among them Lyudmila Kashichkina - a member of the Minsk underground during the Great Patriotic War and the French Resistance Lyudmila Kashichkina talks at home (sync. And off-screen) about her life, about the trials that she had to endure; columns of war veterans pass on Victory Day along the central street of Minsk; general view of a flowering meadow; newsreels of the Great Patriotic War: explosions, a girl is crying, there is a column of Soviet prisoners of war; general view of the piled-up Soviet symbols - portraits of Soviet leaders, etc .; a group of men are destroying a monument to I. Stalin; a German soldier with a flamethrower burns down a residential building; a group of German officers leaves the building, among them G. Himmler, who greets a woman; general view of the building of the Soviet government in Minsk, on which the fascist flag is hung, a car drives away from the building; a group of German officers on the territory of a prisoner of war camp; views of Minsk during the German occupation: people in the streets, a group of people at the portrait of Hitler, a general view of destroyed buildings, a parade of German troops in Minsk; a view of a village street in one of the rural settlements of Belarus, an old man presents bread and salt to the Germans, the Germans take bread and salt; two women and a young man are plowing the land, children are pulling a plow, a woman is planting potatoes; A German patrol stops a car on the road. Part II. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War: an ambulance on a street in Minsk; activities in the occupied Minsk of the First Soviet Hospital, where underground workers worked: a nurse at a cabinet with tools, doctors are receiving the population of Minsk, German officers in one of the hospital wards, one of the officers shakes hands with the patient; a German patrol checks documents at a checkpoint, a German officer puts a stamp on the document; a column of young people is walking along the street with a banner against the Soviet system, a view of the street in Minsk; a steam locomotive stands on the tracks, a steam locomotive pipe is smoking; a column of prisoners passes through the territory of the concentration camp, German soldiers at one of the buildings; fighters of the partisan detachment of the French Resistance learn to use weapons, relax in the meadow; the general do Gaulle, accompanied by officers, walks along the line of soldiers, presents an award to one of the soldiers, the people on the square greeted de Gaulle with jubilation; doctors of the ambulance train carry out an operation, wounded soldiers in a train carriage, train movement; The daughter of Lyudmila Kashichkona, Natalya Konstantinovna Grigorieva, talks about how her mother was arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp (sinhr. And off-screen.); Lyudmila Kashichkina tells (sinhr. And for the frame.) Minsk, vehicle traffic; General view of the House of the Government of Belarus; newsreels: General of the Army D.G. Pavlov with his daughter (pre-war shooting); an officer at the map of military operations; a parade of partisan formations in Minsk in 1944; among those present at the podium P. Ponomarenko; partisans are walking along the road, people are standing along the road; N.M.Shvernik presents awards in the Kremlin.Interview of the writer A.Sulyanov (sync. And for the frame.), Lyudmila Kashichkina shares her memories of how it was necessary to restore justice in relation to the real underground workers, and not those who stuck to them after the liberation of Belarus ( sync. and per frame.); N. Grigorieva walks through the cemetery, approaches the grave where her father K. Grigorieva and mother L. Kashichkina are buried.
А. Alay Valley
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, france
, medical services for the population
, cities
, germany
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A. Kazazaev
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