Old Road

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The film tells about the old Kirillovskaya road, which in the old days was the only communication between St. Petersburg and Vologda, about the villages and towns located near the road. First part. Vologodskaya Oblast. Rural landscape. Fog. River. View of the road on the opposite bank by the river. Passenger car, people on the ferry. River worker at the helm on the ferry. The sailor secures the moored ferry. People get off the ferry, a car drives off. On the screen of the monitor, the correspondence of Internet users on the site dedicated to the journey along the old Kirillovskaya road. Village houses abandoned by people. The girl draws on the shore of the lake. The architectural ensemble of the Ferapontov Monastery; holy gate of the monastery. The architectural ensemble of the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. Various sections of the Kirillovskaya road. The girl walks along the road, over a wooden bridge. People at the bus stop in [g. Kirillov]. The bus is leaving. Signboard of the shopping center "Oasis". Local residents are sitting on a bench. The second part of. Vologodskaya Oblast. The architectural ensemble of the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. Rainbow over the river. Members of the historical club with old shields in their hands are talking near the house "Prince's Gridnitsa". Various sections of the Kirillovskaya road. A girl and a young man are walking along the road. Churches, a bell tower by the road. Ruined bridge over the river. Kayaks, boat sail along the river. The girls sit in the boat. The owner of the boat talks about his passion for old wooden boats during a conversation with girls (synchronously). The young man wade across the river. Raindrops on the water. The only inhabitant of one of the villages, in a conversation with a girl, says that they "destroyed the village" (synchronously). The old man makes a wooden boat. View of a section of the road. Road sign: "Cherepovets. 36. Belozersk. 79." On the screen of the monitor, the correspondence of Internet users. The third part The girl votes on the road. The old man makes a wooden boat. Abandoned village houses. Boarded up windows of one of the houses. Newspapers on the wall in the room of an abandoned house. The girl is talking with an old man who is making a boat (synchronously). River. A woman rinsing clothes on the river. A guy and a girl in a boat swim up to the shore. A section of the road leading to the river. The old man smokes. Part of a structure flooded in the river. Fog over the river.
A. Kiselev
Film ID
urban transport
, road transport
, rural settlements
, bytsel population
, architecture
, handicraft production
, river transport
, christianity
, other types of communications (computer networks
, club type institutions
, villages
, rest of the population
, economic condition
, landscapes
, computer techologies
, cities
, trade
, the internet)
Number of Parts
E. Goncharuk
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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