On a Par with the Century

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The film tells about the USSR Academy of Arts. The film presents a wide variety of works by Soviet artists and sculptors stored in the Tretyakov Gallery and other museums in the country. The building of the USSR Academy of Arts. Artist S. Chuikov talks with other members of the Academy of Arts. Members of the Academy T. Yablonskaya, V. Efanov, L. Kerbel, F. Reshetnikov, G. Iokubonis, P. Krylov, N. Sokolov, M. Kupriyanov, P. Korin and many others talk in the foyer of the art exhibition. Artist F. Reshetnikov is working on a painting in his studio. Artist D. Nalbandyan paints a picture in the studio. Sculptor N. Tomsky at work. Sculptors Konstantin and Merab Merabishvili work in the workshop. Sculptor A. Kibalnikov at work. Fragments of memorial ensembles of the sculptor E. Vuchetich, installed in the cities of Volgograd and Berlin. Artist U. Japaridze talks with students in the studio. Artist M. G. Deregus talks with students in a graphic studio in Kiev. Other Soviet artists talk to their students. Entrance exams at the Surikov State Art Institute: students arrange pictures, the type of the selection committee. Defending diplomas at the Surikov Institute. Hall of the library of the Institute named after I. Repin in Leningrad. Portraits of artists in the hall of the Repin Institute. Institute teachers at the table are examining sketches. The rector of the Institute named after Repin V. M. Oreshnikov talks with teachers. Artist Yu. M. Neprintsev talks with students of the institute. Artist Y. Pimenov examines sketches in his studio, working on a painting. Visitors see paintings by Soviet artists in the hall of the Tretyakov Gallery. The Italian artist R. Guttuso works in his studio. An artist from the GDR V. Klemke is working on a painting in his studio. A rally in Berlin dedicated to the opening of the monument to V. I. Lenin, created by the Soviet sculptor N. Tomsky. Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Suslov speaks at a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the awarding of the USSR Academy of Arts with the Order of Lenin (synchronously).
A. Zenyakin
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, professional education
, cultural relations
, cities
, awards
, art
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V. Mikosha
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