On Air Routes No 4

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The newsreel consists of 3 plots: 1 plot. High confidence, the Kremlin. Days of work of the 27th Congress of the CPSU. Congress deputies in the hall. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee M.S. Gorbachev speaking at the podium. Applause. Aeroflot deputies include pilots, navigators, technicians and other squadron leaders. Congress participants talk on the sidelines. Deputy of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan, commander of the airbus IL-86, pilot engineer of the first class G.A. Saramsakov among the delegates of the congress. Uzbekistan. International Airport. Aircraft on the runway of the airfield. The pilots, headed by Saramsakov, are preparing for the next passenger flight "Tashkent-Mineralnye Vody". Pilots at the helm. Passengers enter the aircraft cabin via the ladder. G.A. Saramsakov controls the plane. The plane takes off from the runway. 2 plot. International Center - Order of Friendship of Peoples. Ulyanovsk. Different types of the city. Motor transport on the streets of the city. View of the building of the Center for Joint Training of Flight, Technical and Dispatch Personnel of Civil Aviation of the CMEA Member Countries, which solves the problem of comprehensive training of aviation specialists for the CMEA member countries and developing countries. Presentation of the Ulyanovsk Order of Lenin at the training center. There are classes during which pilots, flight engineers, navigators and controllers improve their qualifications. Training is conducted according to a specific program using electronic equipment and a training complex, both in flight and on the ground. Pilots in practical training fly airplanes. The plane flies over the clouds. 3 plot. Aviation - 86. Moscow. Sokolniki. Organization of the International Exhibition "Application of Aviation in the National Economy" at the initiative of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Exposition - Soviet mock-ups of the MI-26 Aeroflot helicopter. The Finnish company Loer presents a fire-fighting device for a helicopter and a structure for heating airplanes and helicopters in the field. The Finnish company AJOKKI OY is exhibiting a special vehicle for cleaning ice from surfaces and aircraft. The Swedish company DINOL is demonstrating anti-corrosion systems for the interior decoration of aircraft and helicopters. One of the British firms presents a set of equipment for abrasive cleaning of parts from contamination.
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urban transport
, exhibitions
, aviation industry
, airports
, cities
, air transport
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