On Air Routes No 5

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1 plot. Trade Union Prize. Cover with NDP “SOVIET UNION AWARD WINNER DIPLOMA”. Leningrad. A passenger plane lands on the runway of an airfield. Aviation and technical base of the Leningrad Aviation Enterprise, headed by V.N. Vesterinen. A team of aviation specialists repairs aircraft. VN Vesterinen gives interviews (sinhr.). Presentation of the PF Eromasov Prize to pilots of civil aviation for the achievement of outstanding results in the all-Union socialist competition (January 30, 1987). Among the diploma winners received a diploma of trade unions and a medal - V.N. 2 plot. Flight simulation. Latvian SSR. Aviation specialists, pilots in the assault room of one of the airports are preparing for the upcoming flight. GV Kudryavtsev, chief navigator of the Latvian Civil Aviation Administration, one of the authors of the Departure system, comments on the flight preparation process. The navigator enters operational data on the loading of the aircraft, according to meteorological information into the computer. The computer system "Departure", developed by specialists of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, together with Riga scientists, is in operation. The pilots climb the ladder of the IL-86 aircraft, prepare for flight in the cockpit. The plane takes off from the runway of one of the airfields. 3 plot. TU-104 No. 42322. The first-born of jet civil aviation passenger aircraft TU-104 No. 42322 with an open gangway on the runway. NDP. Interior view of the cockpit, aircraft cabin. Pilots in the cockpit before flight. Airplane in the air. Pilots at the plane with an open gangway on the runway. NDP. Interior view of the cockpit, aircraft cabin. Pilots in the cockpit before flight. Airplane in the air. Pilots at the plane. Specialists of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation are working to return the aircraft TU-104 No. 42322 into operation. Test pilots Volodkin and [Belenko] ferry the plane from Moscow to Ulyanovsk to the eternal parking lot at the Museum of Civil Aviation. The guide tells about the TU-104: 42322 aircraft to the pilots during the excursion (sinhr.). 4 plot. Young innovators of the XX Congress of the Komsomol. VDNKh USSR. Pavilion "SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL CREATIVITY OF YOUTH". Young people at the exhibition dedicated to the 20th Congress of the Komsomol. NDP on exhibits (models of different aircraft). The works of student design bureaus of educational institutions of the industry are presented, where the ideas of young specialists are embodied. The participant of the exhibition, student of the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Alexander [Belevkin], talks about the tasks of the institute's design bureau (sinhr.). Bureau members assemble helicopters, hang-gliders, gliders, and restore aircraft. The athlete flies on a hang glider. In one of the Latvian collective farms, using a hang glider, they cultivate the land in the fields. The apparatus of the Muscovite Nikitin helps geologists in their work on the Kola Peninsula. Land view (filmed from flying by itself
V. Rodivilin
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, aviation industry
, airports
, museums
, landscapes
, air transport
, awards
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S. Komarnitsky
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