On Air Routes No 8

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1 plot. Heading for Fedchenko. Tajikistan. The helicopter flies over the Pamir mountains (filmed through the glass of the helicopter cockpit). NDP on snowy mountains (landscape). NDP on the icy river (Fedchenko glacier). View of the hydrometeorological station named after Academician NP Gorbunov at an altitude of 4169 m. Scientists stations conduct meteorological observations and forecasting of water Baikal. Helicopters deliver cargo (fuel) to the station. Pilots of the Tajik Civil Aviation Administration during a flight in the cockpit of a helicopter. 2 plot. Preparation of aerodrome surfaces for flights. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. View of the runway from above (removed from traffic in the evening). Snowblowers are working. The IL-86 plane takes off. Employees of the aerodrome technical service monitor the state of the runway, work in the mobile express laboratory "SAAB", equipped with a computer system. While the machine is moving in the lane, the adhesion coefficient is automatically measured. Measurement data on dashboard and printed tape. The radio inspector is talking with the flight director (sync.). Snowblowers on the runway. 3 plot. PANAM -AEROFLOT. Moscow. The plane of “PANAM” airlines, arriving from New York, lands on the runway of one of the airfields. Vice-President of PANAM [H. Whirlpool] at a gala in Moscow gives interviews (sync. In English) during the opening of the Moscow-New York joint airline. Photo reporters are filming what is happening. Information board in the departure and arrival hall. Director of the Moscow branch of "PANAM" Mrs. Jennifer Young works on a computer in her office, gives interviews (sync. In Russian). Passengers receive boarding passes before departure. First Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation [BE Ponyukov] gives an interview (sinhr.). Boeing 747 passenger aircraft on the runway. Passengers enter the aircraft cabin via the ladder. Pilots in the cockpit before flight. The plane flies in the air above the clouds.
V. Rodivilin
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aviation industry
, airports
, air transport
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I. Kuznetsov S. Komarnitsky
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