On Air Routes No 9

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1 plot. Control of aircraft structures. A saleswoman demonstrates crystal glassware in one of the stores. Airplane TU-154 in a hangar on the territory of the airport. NDP on the main part and aircraft engines. Aviation specialists identify a malfunction of the aircraft design using a special apparatus, listen to aircraft details using ultrasound. Airplane part developed by specialists of the State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation for operation in the field. Aviation specialists check helicopters for serviceability. 2 plot. Capillary and magnetic methods. Instruments for monitoring and detecting malfunctions of aircraft engines, based on the use of liquid indicators, used to check elements under heavy loads. MLTP (scheme of action of the capillary method). A specialist checks one of the aircraft parts made of steel using a magnetic method. Sheremetyevo-1 airport. The IL-76 TD aircraft leaves the airfield. 3 plot. Helicopters over the Pamirs. Tajikistan. Helicopter pilots on the airfield at the helicopter before departure. The helicopter takes off over the Pamir mountains, flies over a mountain lake. Pilots in the helicopter cockpit. Passengers enter the cabin of the MI-8 helicopter, passengers during the flight. Snowy mountains of the Pamirs (landscape, filmed from the movement of the helicopter). 4 plot. Search system. General view of the Sheremetyevo airport - 2. Poland. IL-86 aircraft on the airfield. Airplane in the air (filmed from the bottom). The pilots in the cockpit are flying the aircraft (shot from the back). NDP on the dashboard. Book "Collection of codes of external manifestations of failure of the aircraft IL-86". MLTP (Scheme of the route of communication using the computer program "Search" about the malfunction of the aircraft). Specialists work in the technical center on computers. Aircraft technician working in a warehouse. Craftsmen repair the bottom of the IL-86 aircraft before the flight. A serviceable liner takes off, flies in the air.
V. Rodivilin
Film ID
aviation industry
, airports
, landscapes
, glass industry
, air transport
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A. Tarasov I. Kuznetsov
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