On Behalf of Childhood

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Chronicle documentary film about the life of children in different countries. Great Britain. One of the cities. Streets, buildings. Old castle. Boy on the bank of the river. Moscow city. Schoolgirls from Great Britain meet with Soviet children at the Palace of Pioneers. French schoolgirls in class in a Moscow school, in a family of Muscovites, talking (synchronously). Meeting of solidarity with the people of Chile. Crimea. Pioneer camp "Artek". Children from different countries talk (synchronously), sing, dance. A children's dance ensemble from Belarus "Rodnichok" is performing. Newsreel of the Second World War: the release of children in one of the concentration camps by Soviet soldiers, burned and destroyed houses, civilians left homeless. Memorial in Khatyn (Belarus). Newsreel: USA, police disperse a protest demonstration; the fighting of the US armed forces in Vietnam, killed, wounded, frightened women with children. USA, Dr. B. Spock gives interviews (synchronously), a demonstration of women in support of B. Spock. Dr. B. Spock in Artek, surrounded by children, giving an interview. Secretary General of the International Democratic Federation of Women V. Tuominen, surrounded by children, gives interviews. Shop windows with illustrated magazines, including pornographic; a shop window that sells weapons. Newsreel: Hitler Youth is marching in front of Hitler. Newsreel: members of a neo-fascist organization are marching in formation; on exercises in the forest, a demonstration of protest against neo-fascism. French writer P. Gamarra gives interviews (synchronously). Africa. The girl trades in the bazaar. Children at work, at home. Newsreels on the actions of racists in the United States, the funeral of a murdered Negro girl. Africa. Togo. Children at school, kindergarten, at a national holiday. Laos. The girl sings and dances. Newsreel: Cuba, a boy teaches adults to read and write, a school town named after Lenin in Havana. Canada. Province of Ontario. Children on the Indian Reservation. Chukotka. Village. Dog sled movement. Children in the sleigh. Lessons at school. The boy reads a Chukchi primer. A boy reindeer herder with his father among the herd of reindeer. Exhibition of children's technical creativity in Moscow. Classes in the detachment of young cosmonauts at the Moscow Palace of Pioneers. Carnival in Artek.
V. Shatalov
Film ID
social and political movement
, out-of-school education
, school education
, international connections
, wars and conflicts of the second half of the 20 century
, childrens organizations
, situation of various populations
, national policy
, peoples life
, borbazamir
, home life
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V. Shatalov
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