On Blue Roads 77

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The newsreel includes the following stories under the general title "Leningraders:" Intensification-90 ". 1st plot. The first enterprise in the industry. View of the spit of Vasilyevsky Island from the Neva. The motor ship of the" Nevsky "series (resembles a barge) is sailing along the Neva. Captain in the wheelhouse A panorama of the Nevsky shipbuilding and shiprepairing plant, by working buildings Employees of the Computing Center of the plant at work: fulfilling orders of structural divisions of the enterprise Production processes in the workshops of the plant using robotics, CNC machines, using advanced technologies, for example, plasma spraying, allowing to extend the service life of parts Construction of a ship at one of the shipyards of the plant, including using ready-made modules. Conducting a meeting with the director of the plant E.P. Yashin. Construction of a new type cargo ship "Nevsky-25". . "Nevsky" under the Nevsky bridges. The heat ship of the "Nevsky" series sails along the Neva, sails under the bridges. bottom in the wheelhouse. View of the kitchen on the ship. A kitchen worker carries a pot of soup to the dining room. Team members are sitting at the table in the dining room, having lunch. View of the cabins for the crew members on the Nevsky-22 ship. View of the engine room on the ship. 3rd plot. Marine dredge. The ship-dredger "Nevsky-1" in the Gulf of Finland. View of the baggermeister's cabin. Bagermeister at the control panels supervises the work of the dredger. Loading control from the cockpit. The work of the on-board computer. The helmsman leads the dredging vessel along a given route. View of a diesel-electric installation on a ship. Dredging vessel "Nevsky-1" at night. 4th plot. For flood protection. View of the city of Leningrad from the Neva: Spit of Vasilievsky Island, St. Isaac's Cathedral. Newsreel footage of Leningrad during one of the floods: a truck drives along the embankment, flooded with water, etc. Construction of a dam: work of equipment, delivery of sand on motor ships of the "Nevsky" series, on dump trucks, unloading sand. General view of the dam. The motor ship of the "Nevsky" series sails under the bridge.
A. Sokolov
Film ID
everyday life
, water transport
, public catering
, shipbuilding industry
, cities
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
R. Shcherbakov, N. Chervonobab, M. Kamionsky, A. Romanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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