On Blue Roads 78

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1st plot. ACS "Channel". The plot tells about the electronic control system for the work of locks on the Volga-Don Canal named after V.I. V.I. Lenin. Ships are sailing along the canal. Panorama of the dispatching console. The ships pass through the lock. The dispatcher ensures uninterrupted passage of ships through the lock using a new - electronic logic system. General view of the vessel data display screen. Pass through the lock: a barge with a forest, a ship with sand. 2nd plot. The brigade contract effect. The plot is dedicated to the complex team of loaders of the Rostov river port, headed by the laureate of the State Prize V. I. Zablotsky. Barge with timber in the Rostov river port. Brigadier V.I. Zablotsky goes to the members of his brigade. The team led by the foreman goes to the place of work. The work of a forklift, crane, loaders on unloading a barge and other vessels. V.I.Zablotsky in the cockpit. 3rd plot. Training center. The plot tells about the training of underwater specialists at the Moscow diving training center. Panorama of the class where future divers are being trained. General view of the instruments that are used in diving training. Divers in the classroom, in the classroom, in the gym. Practical training for divers in the pool: immersion in the pool under the supervision of doctors, welding under water. Practical work of divers in open water: divers work under water. 4th plot. River gates of Volgograd. The plot tells about the new passenger river station in Volgograd. View of the city of Volgograd (filmed from the movement of the vessel). Launching the traditional wreath of memory in honor of the 40th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. General view of the building of the new river station in Volgograd. Passengers in the station hall. A panorama of the ships at the berths. Passengers descend from the ship to the pier along the ladder. Panorama of the restaurant at the river station. A fountain at the station square.
V. Berman, A. Sokolov
Film ID
, architecture
, public catering
, water transport
, cities
Number of Parts
I. Kuznetsov, M. Kamionsky, S. Chernyshev
Other Creators
L. Rudin, L. Fishel
Release Date
Has Sound

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