On Blue Roads 79

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1st plot. Navigation on the Agan. The plot tells about the experience of spring navigation on small rivers of Western Siberia. Panorama of one of the oil fields in Western Siberia. General view of the port in Surgut. The ships are in the port, sailing along the river. Loading pipes in the port, delivery of goods to the port for loading onto ships. Movement of a vessel with cargo along the Agan River. The captain of the ship in the wheelhouse. 2nd plot. Cranes of the Teplokhod plant. The plot is dedicated to the new floating cranes produced by the Teplokhod plant. General view of the plant of port and ship equipment "Teplokhod" in the town of Bor, Gorky region. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. Assembling a garden crane. Delivery of a new crane to the test site. Test crane operator in various operating modes. 3rd plot. Comprehensive port services. The plot tells about the complex service of the fleet in the ports of the North-Western Shipping Company. The movement of ships along the river. The dispatcher of the Leningrad River Port accepts radiogram requests for everything that is required by the ship's crew on the voyage. View of the list of necessary goods for the ship's crew. General view of the floating store with all the necessary goods. Loading works in the port. Port cranes are working: they are loading fuel, lubricants. Repair and adjustment of electronic systems on board during anchorage. Adjustment of communication equipment, correction of the ship's chart. Selection of a collection of films and books for the crew. 4th plot. Fire simulator. The plot tells about a new simulator for practicing river boat driving skills. The movement of the vessel along the river at night. Captain in the wheelhouse. Lights on the river. The captain is leading the ship, watching the lights. General view of a fire-type simulator created by Omsk river specialists. Panorama of the classroom in the river school, where classes on the basics of navigation are held. Cadets of the school at a lecture, in the wheelhouse of the simulator.
V. Berman, A. Sokolov
Film ID
, water transport
, professional education
Number of Parts
Y. Sazonov, M. Kamionsky, E. Pokrovsky
Other Creators
sound engineer L. Shutova, editor V. Robinov, text I. Kemarskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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