On High Ground

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1 part. Mountain landscapes, lake. Kyrgyz pastoralists move to a summer mountain pasture. Camel caravan on the way. Flocks of sheep in mountain pastures. Making kumis on collective farms. Summer village of pastoralists in the mountains. Women are engaged in housekeeping. "Red yurt" in the "Aktar" collective farm. The head of the yurt reads newspapers to the collective farmers. Part 2. The slopes of the Tien Shan ridge. Tien Shan glaciers. Mountain rivers and waterfalls. Chumy Dam on the Chu River. Harvesting grain harvester. Harvesting grapes in the collective farm vineyards. Collecting apples in collective farm gardens. Harvesting of sugar beet, rice, cotton. Part 3. Construction of highways in the mountains. Vehicle traffic. Broyskoe gorge. Alpine lake. Fishermen catch fish. Issyk-Kul lake. Sailboats on the lake. Children's sanatorium. Children swim in the lake. The riders are approaching the village. Meeting with folk singer S. Karalaev. Part 4. Mountains, gorge, lake. Views of the city of Frunze. The house where M. V. Frunze was born. Medical students go to class. Fragments of performances by the artists of the Kyrgyz Opera House. Part 5. Collective farmers, cattle breeders watching the performance of artists from Frunze, welcomed the artists. A herd of horses grazes in the pasture.
M. Vareikis
Film ID
automobile transport
, livestock
, spa assistance
, everyday life
, higher education
, theatre
, cartage
, agriculture
, landscapes
, cities
, plant growing
, horse breeding
, a family
, music
Number of Parts
M. Kayumov, N. Samgin, A. Brantman
Other Creators
music producer A. Roitman, sound engineer A. Kamionky, M. Kaplunsky, voice-over L. Ovalov, script M. Vareikis, J. Shirvaz
Release Date
Has Sound

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