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GDR. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the republic in Berlin. Buildings decorated with flags and banners. Meeting at the Berlin airfield of the Soviet delegation, headed by F. R. Kozlov. Among the greeters O. Grotewohl, V. Ulbricht. Speakers O. Grotewohl, F. R. Kozlov. A ceremonial meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the republic in the Berlin Sports Palace. The presidium includes representatives from different countries. Speaker is the chairman of the People's Chamber of the Republic Dickman, O. Grotewohl (synchronously off-screen), FR Kozlov. Night fireworks. Reception I-th Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Germany W. Ulbricht and Chairman of the Council of Ministers O. Grotewohl at the embassy. The reception was attended by: V. A. Zorin, M. G. Pervukhin, K. Fedin, P. I. Demichev. Reception at the President of the Republic V. Pik. Marx and Engels Square, filled with people. On the podium - representatives of the heads of government of the GDR and the USSR: FR Kozlov, V. Ulbricht, O. Grotewohl and others. The rally in the square. Speakers: V. Ulbricht, F. R. Kozlov, M. Torez. Laying wreaths at the graves at the cemetery in Friedrichsfeld. Sculpture to a Soviet soldier. A visit by the Soviet delegation to the irrigation facility in Rapp-Bode, the Leina-Werke plant. The meeting at the plant. Speakers I-th Secretary of the District Committee of the Communist Party of Germany B. Kenen, F. R. Kozlov. German pioneers welcome the Soviet guests. Laying flowers at the monument to Lenin in Esleben. The meeting at the monument. Members of the delegation at a metallurgical plant, at one of the construction sites in Magdeburg. Seeing off at the airport.
ABOUT. Подгорецкая
Film ID
, communist party
, international connections
, childrens organizations
, state holidays
, higher state bodies
, state structure
, irrigation
Number of Parts
L. Maximov
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Kotov, speaker R. Vygodsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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