On Steel Highways No 242

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1 plot. The golden link of BAM. Siberia. NDP on snowy mountains (landscape). BAM builders on track works (laying of rails). On October 1, 1984, at the junction near Kuanda station, BAM railway workers gathered to lay the last meters of the track connecting Siberia with the East of the country. Among the builders of the brigade are Alexander Bondar and Ivan Varshavsky. Photo reporters are filming what is happening. The first train moves along the railroad tracks. Glory monument. The people at the monument. Type of residential buildings. Children with a teacher in the courtyard of a kindergarten (winter shooting). Children play in the courtyard of a residential building. 2 plot. New in railway transport. VNIIZhT specialists are working in the brake laboratory to create a control system for a super-heavy locomotive of 20 thousand tons. Devices record braking processes. NDP. Computers are working. Experts carry out tests on an experimental wheel 3 km long. All movement parameters are recorded in the laboratory car. 3 plot. Rubble cleaning machine. Railway engineers of the Pridneprovskaya railway KI Moshal and M.B. Feldman near the new rubble cleaning machine developed and constructed by them. NDP on a working machine on a railway track. The cleaned crushed stone is laid on the rails to repair the tracks. 4 plot. New sensors. The driver drives a direct current electric locomotive. MLTP - AC circuit. Instruments in the driver's cab (close-ups). NDP along the river. Type of energy sensors at the substation. Experts are working on the creation of sensors at VNIIZhT and the design bureau of the main department of electrification and energy facilities of the Ministry of Railways. An electric locomotive moves in the mountains (filmed) .5 plot. I'll be a railroad worker. Rostov-on-Don. Schoolchildren examine the model of the railway in the "Young Railroad Worker" club and at the "Young Technicians" station of the North Caucasian Railway, they study with teachers in the classroom, design train models, and undergo practical training.
V. Berman N. Yakubovsky Y.Brikker S. Valov
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railroad transport
, mugs
, sanatoriums
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N. Zotov, I. Puntakov L. Galadzheva K. Fedorovich V. Dadayan
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