On Steel Highways No 245

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1 plot. Experience of veterans - today. Moscow. The building of the USSR Ministry of Railways. A scientific and practical conference of railway workers was held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. Minister of Railways N.S. Konoev is speaking (sinhr.). Conference participants applauded in the hall (sinhr.). The passenger train departs from the platform at the station. Those who see them off wave their hands goodbye. Freight trains of trains move along the railway track. Mining. Transportation of excavators on cargo platforms on railway tracks. 2 plot. One shift - one outfit. Ukraine. Khodorov station of the Lviv railway. Railway workers of the interbranch complex brigade (railway workers, signalmen, workers of the traffic service, freight and locomotive facilities, power engineering) are working on the dispatch of wagons. Maneuver-dispatcher in his office at work. Railway workers at a meeting. 3 plot. Technique helps to save money. The main entrance to VDNKh of the USSR. People at the exhibition. The exhibition "Saving fuel, energy and material resources in transport" is being held. An exposition dedicated to the work of railway workers in one of the pavilions. Layout of an installation for transverse condensation of reactive energy on electrified AC sections. NDP. The freight train is moving along the railroad tracks. PNR on the device for determining the actual losses of electricity, created by Rostov specialists. The modernized speed meter of the locomotive depot at Chusovskaya station in action. NDP on the heating system of passenger cars with electricity. Locomotive on the way. 4 plot. Sochidaltrans. Sochi. People sunbathe on the beach and swim in the Black Sea. Passengers buy train tickets at the station ticket office. NDP at the station building. Railway workers of the North Caucasian Railway (working group "Sochidalntrans") at the meeting, are working in the computer center: short-term forecasting of passenger traffic is carried out. Passengers enter the bus to the Sochi airport, go up the ladder of the Tu134-A aircraft. Icarus parked in the car park. The heads of the Sochi seaport at the meeting. Passengers enter the ship. Building "Sochidaltrans".
N. Khomutova A. Sokolov A. Klyuchnikov
Film ID
, railway transport
, mining (extractive industry)
, exhibitions
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M. Kamionsky N. Zotov A. Klimeniev V. Rusakova
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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