On Steel Highways No 246

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1st plot. THE FOLLOWERS OF LVOV HAVE POCHENA. Building of the Verkh-Isetsky Metallurgical Plant. Railway shop, in which the labor collective works under the conditions of an integrated system for the efficient use of wagons (KSEIV). Loading and unloading works in the workshop. Type Obligations of the team for the development and implementation of KSEIV at the Sverdlovsk-Sort station. and access roads of the Verkh-Isetsky metallurgical plant. Production meeting in the office of the shop manager. View Schedule of production works of the railway workshop. View of the Statement of accounting for the fulfillment of planned norms according to the KSEIV system. Rails on the territory of the plant. A freight train is standing on the tracks. Freight cars on the display screen located on the control room console. Relay alarm panel. Freight train leaving the workshop. View Schedule of the supply and cleaning of wagons to the access roads of the plant. Dispatchers at work. Freight train on the way. 2nd plot. EXTEND THE LIFE OF METAL. A sign with the inscription: "All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport". In the laboratory of the institute, a group of employees who have developed a method of thermal spraying on rolling stock parts and rails during the restoration of deterioration and strengthening of worn-out material. A laboratory employee looks at photographs of worn surfaces. Gas-powder surfacing on rails (photo). A laboratory employee demonstrates several methods of thermal spraying on the surface of damaged areas. Passenger and freight trains on the way. 3rd plot. AUTOMATIC DESIGN. Sorting hill of one of the stations. The rails are automatically connected. Freight train passes along the railroad tracks. Dispatch panel of the hump. The building of the Leningrad Institute Giprotransignalsvyaz, whose employees have developed a design automation system (CAD). Director of the Institute A.F. Slyusar talks about design automation (synchronously). Computer in the hall. Institute staff at work on a computer. The scientist works at a personal computer. A type of computing center, which processes information from all railways. Freight train with cars on platforms on the way. The dispatcher at work. 4th plot. WITH DELIVERY ... TO THE PLACE OF WORK. The plot tells about the delivery of railway tickets to the enterprises of Rybinsk. The building of the Rybinsk railway station. Cashier hall. Ticket cashiers at work. The head of the station ticket offices L.N. Dergacheva at work. A train ticket delivery car drives down a city street. A delivery driver receives an order at the railway ticket office. The car stops near the Volodarsky plant. The driver hands over the completed order to the public cashier. A sign with the inscription: "Printing Machines Plant". The public cashier accepts a ticket request from factory employees. Passengers buys tickets at the box office. The passenger train departs from the railway station platform.
N. Khomutova (stage director), A. Morozov
Film ID
, engineering physics and applied mechanics
, railroad transport
, metallurgy
, rural settlements
, computer engineering
, villages
, cities
Number of Parts
I. Puntakov, M. Wentzel, Y. Kryuchkov, V. Rusakova
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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