On Steel Highways No 253

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1st plot. LABOR SERVICE DEPOT. The plot tells about the initiative of the specialists of the refrigerator depot of the station Georgiu-Dej - an aggregate method of maintenance of autonomous cars. Voronezh region., Georgiu-Dezh (now Liski). Architectural composition of concrete blocks with the inscription: "Refrigerated depot". The refrigeration unit is completely removed from the car using a lifting crane, and a repaired refrigeration unit is inserted in its place. A crane transports the refrigeration unit from the wagon to the depot. Workers are repairing the dismantled units of the refrigeration unit. Mechanized repair area. Workers at work. Welding works. Model of the new depot building. 2nd plot. MICROPROCESSORS ON THE GORKI. The plot is about an automated system for breaking trains based on microprocessor technology. Southern marshalling yard at the Krasny Liman station of the Donetsk railway. The carriages move along the railway tracks. Hill duty building. Duty at the control panel. Computer hall. The operator works at the computer. Microprocessors. Trains run on rails. The car is uncoupled from the tank. There is a display screen on the attendant's control panel, which reflects the movement of each cut. The car is moving along the tracks. Radars for fixing the speed of cars on the hill. Freight trains, separate wagons on the hill. 3rd plot. FROM IDEA TO IMPLEMENTATION. A plot about the brigade of the honored inventor of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, engineer and foreman V. Verbul. Locomotive car repair plant in Ulan-Ude. Honored Inventor of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, engineer and foreman V. Verbul talks with a group of young engineers of his brigade. Design development of the team in production: section for plasma cutting of wheelset locks; technological operation of axial bearing shells casting. Brigade members Anatoly Molchanov, Alexey Sharkov in the shop. Other team members at work. Production meeting of V. Verbul's brigade. 4th plot. THE WAGON HAS BEEN INCLUDED. Russia, Rostov-on-Don. The territory of the plant of the Rostov plant of agricultural machinery (Rostselmash). New combines "Niva" in the yard. Loading harvesters onto railway platforms in the workshop. Animation illustrating the scheme of loading 5 combines on 2 railway platforms. Testing of a new scheme for loading harvesters, developed by employees of the North Caucasus Railway. A freight train with combines on platforms leaves the workshop. Freight train on the way. 5th plot. In TsDJ. Children run along the corridor of the Central House of Children of Railway Workers. Girls on a lesson in a dance class. Schoolchildren in the workshop make models of an electric locomotive. Schoolchildren play board games. Members of the CDDJ team are discussing a booklet for the holiday dedicated to the 150th anniversary of railways in Russia. Rehearsal of the folk song and dance ensemble.
I. Kantor, N. Khomutova, A. Morozova, V. Gordon, V. Berman (stage director)
Film ID
railroad transport
, out-of-school education
, club type institutions
, railway engineering
, tractor and agricultural machine building
Number of Parts
A. Reich, A. Gorchukov, E. Chukovsky, A. Klimentyev
Other Creators
There is no data
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