On Steel Highways No 269

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Power supply under the control of a computer. The movement of an electric train with a freight train by rail. General view of the building of the Rostov Railway Transport Institute. View of one of the streets of Rostov-on-Don. Institute staff for the development of an automated control system for energy facilities. General view of the power dispatch center of the North Caucasian Railway. An employee of the computing center puts all the data on the energy facilities of the railway in the computer. General view of one of the railway stations. Carrying out scheduled repair work on the line. General view of the traction substation. View of the microprocessor complex in one of the premises of the substation. 2nd plot. Household School. Interior view of the control room at one of the railway hubs of the Gorky-Sortirovochny station. The station workers are studying at the school of socialist management: they study in the classroom, on simulators that recreate the conditions as close as possible to production. Participants of the 3-year seminar "Radical reforming of economic management" in the classroom. 3rd plot. For mountain roads. The movement of a passenger train on a railroad in mountainous terrain. Employees of the Lviv-Zapad locomotive depot check the train wheels to determine the degree of wear. Carrying out work in the depot workshop to restore the thickness of the wheel flange, turning the wheel profile. The movement of a freight train along the railway. 4th plot. Everything remains for the people. Former chairman of the trade union committee of the Gorky-Sortirovochny locomotive depot AM Sidorov near the building of the health resort-preventorium "Health". Vacationers in the sanatorium play volleyball in the gym, dine in the canteen, take procedures, incl. pine and mud baths, are present at a psychotherapeutic session, steam in the sauna, swim in the pool.
Film ID
, economy
, professional education
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
E. Galinsky, I. Timoshenkov. V. Sedov, A. Tsarenko, A. Romanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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