On Steel Highways No 271

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The newsreel includes the following documentaries: 1st plot. Dispatch centralization. The movement of freight and passenger trains on the Belarusian railway. The dispatcher at the control panel of the dispatch center of the automatic control system "Neva". The use of an integrated microcircuit instead of a relay in the automatic control system of the automatic dispatch center "Minsk" on the Belarusian Railways. General view of the automated workplace of the mechanic of the dispatch center. Dispatch center employees at work. 2nd plot. Schedule and cost accounting. General view of one of the railway nodes. Trains stand on the tracks. View of the building of the Dnepropetrovsk Carriage Works named after S. Kirov. Monument-bust to S. Kirov on the territory of the enterprise. Production processes in the workshops of the plant: welding works, interior decoration of cars, etc. Work of end-to-end complex brigades on car repairs. 3rd plot. Every hour is a kilometer of track. The movement of a locomotive along the tracks. General view of the building of the Experimental track machine station No. 61 of the Bashkir branch of the Kuibyshev road. The locomotive leaves the depot. Loading on a track-layer rail and sleepers. Laying of railway tracks on one of the sections of the Kuibyshev railway. 4th plot. Service on the way. General view of the Sochi coast. Vacationers on the beach, in the sea. General view of the building of railway ticket offices and the building of the Sochi railway station. The audience on the platform of the station. Trains are parked at the platforms. Passenger train Adler-Moscow. Interior view of the dining car. Employees of the dining car set the tables. Visitors at the tables, waiters serve passengers. take orders. The employee of the dining car delivers food to the cars, offers them to passengers. Passengers in the train compartment buy food from the dining car and eat it at the table. Children in the compartment at the table, eating.
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, relaxation
, everyday life
, public catering
, mechanical engineering
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
Number of Parts
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Other Creators
I. Tikhomirov. I. Kemarskaya, S. Gelman, A. Tsank, A. Sokolov, N. Zotov, I. Puntakov, V. Dolgikh, V. Klimov and others.
Release Date
Has Sound

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