On Steel Lines 262

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1st plot. FORUM OF RAILWAY TRADE UNIONS. The building of the Central House of Tourists in Moscow. Above the entrance to the concert hall there is a banner with the inscription: "IX International Seminar of Railway Workers' Trade Unions". Seminar participants - representatives of 40 national railway workers' unions and international trade union organizations in the hall during the meeting. I. Shenkevich, Chairman of the Central Committee of Trade Union Workers of Railway Transport of the USSR, makes a report. I. Shenkevich talks with the participants of the seminar during a break between sessions. 2nd plot. ON THE MICHURINSKY LOCOMOTIVE-REPAIR. A sign with the inscription: “Michurinsk-Uralsky South-Eastern Railway. etc. ". The building of the Michurinsky locomotive and repair plant, specializing in the repair of shunting locomotives of Czechoslovak production. Workers inspect diesel locomotives at the preliminary inspection site. The locomotive enters the shop. A plate with the inscription: “Conveyor-2. The plan for April is 19 diesel locomotives. " Dismantling a locomotive. View of the flow-conveyor line. Workers carry out welding work. Testing the repaired unit. The production building of the new machine shop. A worker at work on a machine tool with numerical control. Robotic technical complex in the workshop. Samples of running parts manufactured in a mechanical workshop. The girder crane transports the repaired unit to assembly positions. Assembly section view. 3rd plot. BRAKE PERFORMANCE METER. Sorting hill. Roller coaster operator building. Locomotive, wagons on the tracks. The operator is at the control panel. The car is moving along the rails. The operator engages the retarder. The rails are going up. The cut speed drops. The carriages move slowly along the rails. A type of device for measuring the braking characteristics of car retarders, developed by a group of Belarusian scientists from the Institute of Railway Engineers under the leadership of N.K. Modin. Workstations Gomel put track sensors before and after the retarders on the hill. Sensors record the speed at which the cut passes. Workers at the device. 4th plot. PAVELETSKY STATION. Building of the Paveletsky railway station in Moscow. Internal view of the station after restoration. Passengers go up the escalator. Cashier hall. Cashiers at work. Passengers buy tickets. Screens of the information service informing about the availability of free seats on the trains. Cashiers are drinking tea in the break room. Hairdresser, gaming machines in the halls of the station. Waiting hall. Passengers in the waiting room. Mother and child room. Children draw, play in the children's room. Parents with children in a cafe. # ANAV # Inozemtseva L.B.
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railroad transport
, rural settlements
, international socio-political movement
, public catering
, villages
, railway engineering
, professional education (higher)
, cities
Number of Parts
N. Zotov, M. Kamionsky, A. Prytkov, A. Alexandrov
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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