On Steel Lines 267

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1st plot. AUTOMATION OF PROCESSING OF TRANSPORTATION DOCUMENTS. Locomotive driver at work. Freight train on the way. Tractors, trucks are moving on railway platforms. An employee of the station accepts shipping documents. There is a sign on the building: “Ministry of Railways-USSR. Technological center for processing shipping documents. Dnepropetrovsk branch of the Pridneprovskaya railway etc. ". Employees of the center process documents, encode them, enter data into a computer. The process engineer controls the completeness of the entered information, corrects errors. The building of the Pridneprovskaya Order of Lenin Railway Administration. Sign: “Ministry of Railways of the USSR. Management of the Pridneprovskaya Order of Lenin Railway ". View of the main computing center. 2nd plot. NEW CONTACT CONNECTIONS. Workshop-laboratory of the contact network of the Moscow Railway. Workshop workers make overhead connections. Freight train on the way. Overhead wires. Electricians repair catenary wires using connections made of copper-clad aluminum sheet. 3rd plot. YOUTH RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX, Amur Region, Belogorsk. Mosaic panel depicting the emblem of the city of Belogorsk. Transport movement on a city street. Five-story residential buildings. The building of the railway station in Belogorsk. The electric train approaches the station platform. The locomotive depot staff at a meeting dedicated to the construction of a youth housing complex. Speaker assistant driver, chairman of the Belogorsk MZhK I. Ermolaev. Workers at a construction site. The car of the main headquarters of the construction site. Workers at a construction site at work. Members of the MZhK at a production meeting. Newcomers bring things into the new home. Builders stir the solution. Bricklayers at the construction of the Leisure Center. A bulldozer is working in a pit. 4th plot. MEETING WITH THE OLYMPIANS. Meeting with athletes - participants of the Olympic Games in Seoul at the Ministry of Railways of the USSR. Prizes, gifts on the table. Athletes at the table. The meeting participants applauded. Minister of Railways of the USSR N.S. Konarev speaks to the participants of the meeting, presents the athletes with gifts. Newsreel footage of the Olympic Games in Seoul (1988): performance by gymnast V. Gogoladze; competition of cyclists; a fragment of a football match; football player I. Dobrovolskiy scores a goal into the opponent's goal.
N. Khomutova
Film ID
railroad transport
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, building
, football
, cycling
, villages
, gymnastics
, cities
Number of Parts
N. Zotov, A. Gorchukov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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