On Steel Lines 272

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. A system of many units. General view of the Smolyaninovo locomotive depot of the Far East railway serving the Smolyaninovo-Nakhodka section. The movement of the railway train along the tracks, over the bridge, through the tunnel. Production processes at the locomotive depot. General view of locomotives connected by two stranded cables. Type of automatic control system of an electric locomotive. The depot worker checks the automatic control units. The driver in the cabin of the electric locomotive is driving two locomotives. 2-nd plot. Gavrilov's family brigade. The movement of the railway train along the Kurgan distance of the South Ural railway. Track workers - members of the family team of V.L. Gavrilov on the repair of the railway track. Brigadier V.L. Gavrilov goes home. General vision of the house. where the Gavrilov family lives. Family members are sitting at the table at home, drinking tea. V.L. Gavrilov gives interviews (sinhr.). Members of the Gavrilov family work around the house: feed the pigs, work in the garden with their children. The team members are sitting in the office, discussing the plan for the upcoming work. 3rd plot. New diagnostic point. General view of the Omsk locomotive depot. Internal view of the diagnostic point. Checking locomotives at all posts of the point using sensors and other devices, incl. and invented by the depot workers. Drawing up a repair map on a computer. 4th plot. The river remains clean. General view of the railway station "Krasny Liman". View of one of the streets of Krasny Liman. General view of the wastewater treatment plant in the city. Station employees take water samples, conduct water analysis for contamination in the laboratory. General view of the sedimentation tanks. Water purification and chlorination process. Launching purified water into the river. View of the Donets River. A man with a boy in a boat, fishing in the river.
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Film ID
, environmental protection
, everyday life
, rivers
, cities
, railway transport
, utilities
, a family
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
V. Berman, A. Sokolov, V. Bezenkov, N. Zotov, D. Serpukhin, I. Pertsovsky, V. Klimov and others.
Release Date
Has Sound

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