On Steel Lines 274

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The newsreel consists of four plots. 1. The road of the future. The plot tells about the Second All-Union Conference on High-Speed Traffic in Railway Transport, which took place in Leningrad from November 19 to November 21, 1990. 2. Once again about traffic safety. The plot tells about the activities of public inspectors on the East Siberian road, which allows the team to steadily ensure the safety of train traffic. 3. Second life of the path. The plot promotes the introduction of a set of devices and devices developed by the honored inventor Matvienko. The devices and devices of the complex are used during the overhaul of the main track during the re-laying of the rail and sleep grid and its secondary use on station and access tracks. 4. CDKZH - new forms of work. Moscow, Komsomolskaya square, the building of the Central House of Culture of railway workers, traffic on the square, passers-by. Director of the CDKZH MA Baidak talks about new forms of work (sinhr.). Hall of computer games in the House of Culture, adults in the classroom in the art studio, a ballroom dance lesson in the rehearsal room.
W. Berman
Film ID
railroad transport
, road transport
, club type institutions
, invention
, rationalization
, artistic activities
, cities
, mugs
Number of Parts
A. Romanov, J. Revzin
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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